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Chen Shi was observing his actions and expressions on the side and felt like this man wasn’t lying.

Lin Dongxue continued to ask, "Listening to her colleagues, you two were planning a divorce and wanted to divide your property. Something about the house. Is this the case?"

Li Xiang was silent for a moment, "So, it seems that she really intends to divorce. Even her colleagues know... Haoo, some people are really not suited to be together. We’ve only been married for four years, but as long as we meet, we would always argue. This also relates to us living separately. She’s usually in Long'an while I stay here. We only get together on our holidays. We’ve been married for four years and our time together may not be as much as some couples who’ve been together for a month. The house right? It’s the house here that we bought together. She may want to split the money after selling it."

Chen Shi noticed that his eyes flickered when he said the last sentence and questioned, "Is this the only property under your names?"

"We only have this one. Why would I lie to you?"

"Well, we will verify this information later."

Li Xiang suddenly panicked. "Wait a minute. I will add that there’s indeed only one house under our names, which is the one I live in now, but there’s another house in her name. It’s just... Just... Part of the money used to buy it is mine."

"What exactly is the situation?"

"The house was bought here because she worked here previously. At the time, we were still in love. She said that she wanted to buy the house as a wedding house. Her and I each paid half of the money. I was also the one to pay off the mortgage. You could say that I have the majority of the ownership, but the property title is under her name, which is legally counted as her pre-marital property. When we quarreled, she said that the house would belong to her when we divorced. I told her that I had paid for it and that she’d have to return the money to me. I don’t know how many times we’ve quarreled over this matter. The woman is too scheming. If I’d had known, I wouldn’t have just written her name on the title back then.”

"What about the house you live in now?"

"That’s the new house my parents got after their old one was demolished. Because it was close to my work, they let us live in it for now. The original house’s location was a bit out of the way and it took over two hours to get to work from there, so I rented it out. It’s still being rented now!"

Lin Dongxue quickly recorded the information down. After asking the addresses of the two houses, she asked, "Where were you last night?"

Li Xiang was a bit startled. "Do you suspect me?"

"Just investigating."

"I was playing games at home."

"Can someone prove that?"

"My buddy Zhang Rui was also at my house. We played until 11:00, and then went to bed."

Chen Shi interjected, "What game were you playing?"

"’Zhilang’. It’s a single player game."

"The new one?

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