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Chapter 513: Unexpected Meat

"Murder! Murder!"

A scream broke the peace in the alley. People opened their windows and looked down. They could only see a man covered in blood rush out of the shop at the entrance and fall to the ground. The rain on him was dyed red extremely quickly.

He was followed by a man holding a kitchen knife. The man looked up at the surprised faces of his neighbors, silently dropped the knife, pulled out his phone, and dialed 110.

"Hello, 110, the police platform."

"Someone wounded someone with a weapon." Zhang Hao said quietly.

"What's the address?"

"No need. I will surrender myself to the head office."

Early in the morning of the next day, there was clear weather after the rain had stopped. Chen Shi couldn’t forget the taste of the meatball noodles and went there again, only to find that the shop was closed.

It was not only him who was disappointed. Many old patrons gathered at the door. For some seniors, eating a bowl of hot Zhangji soup noodles early in the morning was a ritual not to be missed every day. They even brought teapots and alcohol bottles over.

There were people living here in the crowd who talked about what happened last night.

It turned out that a thief broke in late at night, and the boss Zhang Hao wounded the thief with a knife. As a result, he found that it was his second uncle. So, he called the police himself and they’re both still in the bureau right now.

"Then when will the store open?" This was the only concern for the diners.

Chen Shi sighed and prepared to go to another place for breakfast. At this time, several police cars stopped outside the alley. The people who came were all acquaintances. Peng Sijue, Lin Dongxue, and Xu Xiaodong were among them. Chen Shi greeted, "What a coincidence?"

"Brother Chen, how did you know about the news?!" Xu Xiaodong asked in surprise.

Lin Dongxue said, "Does he look like he knows the news? He's definitely here to eat noodles."

"I can’t eat them anymore." Chen Shi smiled. "They didn’t die, did they?"

"Who did you listen to?"


"His second uncle was cut on his back. It’s not fatal. They’re both in the detention center. They only found out that the second uncle went in to poison the food when they questioned them. We’re here to obtain evidence.”

"Poison?" Chen Shi was shocked. "Fortunately, the boss found out. Otherwise, there’d be so many people who would have died today."

"It's not actually poison. He said it was a laxative bought from a pharmacy."

Lin Dongxue went to knock on the door. Although the shop was closed, Zhang Hao's wife and son were still inside. They lived on the second floor. After explaining the situation, the police went in to investigate the scene.

One of the windows was broken and there were scattered fragments and blood on the ground.

All the basins of minced meat in the freezer were taken away. All of them were beef mince.

A neighbor

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