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Lin Dongxue and Chen Shi met in the bureau. Lin Dongxue asked him, "Do you know why Zhang Hao suddenly took desperate measures?"

"His son betrayed him?"

"Did he say that?"

"Not in detail."

"Two years ago, his son saw him washing bloody clothes late at night. When asked, Zhang Hao slapped him and told him to get lost back to sleep. The son welled up in anger and drew the picture. He also found a knife in Zhang Hao’s drawer and secretly hid it later on. Zhang Hao found that the knife was gone and he was beaten again. The child lied that the knife was lost. In fact, this knife has been hidden by the child the entire time. It was just handed to us with Zhang Hao's fingerprint and his father's DNA."

"This is key evidence!"

"In fact, there was a misunderstanding within. The child told Zhang Hao today that he gave the item to the police. He was talking about the drawing and Zhang Hao thought it was the knife. He thought that the matter had already been exposed."

Chen Shi said sentimentally, "Adults always feel that children don’t understand anything. In fact, everything is clear in the children's hearts, but their expressions are never taken seriously."

The material evidence had been obtained and now only the confession was needed.

The two went to the interrogation room and Chen Shi bought Zhang Hao a bento and bottle of mineral water. He waited for Zhang Haoto finish eating before the interrogation began.

Zhang Hao no longer resisted after the experience. He was very frank. "My father, Zhang Fade, was killed by me, but I have no regrets about this matter. That is what he deserves."

Chen Shi nodded. "I understand your mood."

Zhang Hao looked up and recalled, "What kind of family is my family? The words 'domestic violence,' can't summarize it all. The violence my father imposed on me is not because of anything I did. I was mainly beaten simply because he was in a bad mood. As long as he was in a bad mood, my words and deeds would be a reason for getting beaten. The most ridiculous time was because I didn’t say 'goodbye' when I went out. He dragged me back into the house for a severe beating. He didn’t need a reason to beat me. My mother and I were his punching bags, but he kept venting every day. Instead of reducing his anger, it just got worse!" He thumped his chest. "The anger that doesn’t burn out will remain in my heart forever. It has become a nightmare after I became an adult, and it has become my bad personality and my deep fear for others!"

Zhang Hao closed his eyes as if immersed in those painful memories. "I have been beaten continuously ever since I could remember. As a child, I couldn't resist at all. I always remember him drinking at the dinner table and suddenly getting angry because of a trivial thing. He took off his belt and prepared to give me a ‘lecture.’ I would hide under the bed and tremble. ‘I'm wrong, I'm wrong.’ He would stab me with a clothing line and use leather shoes to ki

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