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Lu Hao sat upright obediently, furrowed his brows, and kept looking at Lin Dongxue, seeming to think that Lin Dongxue would save him.

Chen Shi confirmed that the camera in the room was operating normally, and then asked, "Let's get to the point. What did you deal with tonight?"

Lu Hao bowed his head in dismay. "Didn’t you already see it all? Do you police not take breaks? It’s already so late, but you’re still turning over trash cans? How did you know that I was the one who threw it away?”

"Talk! What is it?!" Chen Shi increased his tone.

"Wigs and women's clothing..."

"What did you use it for? Don't tell me that you have some sort of special hobby!"

"Yes, yes. You saw through it at a glance. I do have such a hobby. Look at how I was born with fair skin and tender meat. After I put on women’s clothes, I look even better than women. When I was in university, I was famous for being a cross-dresser, so I usually dress up at home to show off." Lu Hao kept gesturing with his eyes towards Lin Dongxue, hoping that she’d believe his words.

Chen Shi snorted. "Which students know about it? We’ll call to verify it right now."

"That’s not needed right? It's not a glorious thing or anything..."

"If you want to waste our time, let’s see who wins in the end."

"All I’ve said is true!" Lu Hao still insisted stubbornly.

Lin Dongxue whispered, "This kid isn’t honest. Do you want to let him stay here alone for a while?"

"No, this kind of person is actually very easy to deal with!" Chen Shi raised his voice. "Lu Hao, we went to your place of work in the afternoon. We heard that you’ve been working in Lieyang for several years and your salary has been raised a few times. If you aren’t honest, we’ll put you in the detention center for a night to reflect and your file would be stained. Think about which barber shop would want you in the future!"

Lu Hao was frightened with cold sweat. He rubbed his hands constantly, but still didn’t speak.

A person who wasn’t even afraid of losing his job indicates that there was something that’s making him act brave. If they wanted him to speak, they’d have to smash his last glimmer of hope. Chen Shi said, “Don’t be disillusioned. That ten million yuan is now safe in the Public Security Bureau!"

"What?!" Lu Hao was shocked, and then his whole person became deflated. "She was really killed?"

"I told you she was missing."

This reaction seemed real. It seemed that Lu Hao didn’t know what happened last night, so the person Chen Shi saw wasn’t him.

In fact, Peng Sijue's DNA identification had been sent to him this afternoon. Although he couldn't determine the identity, he knew that the owner of the blood was an AB blood type woman.

Chen Shi followed the hypothetical steps and continued to speculate, "Did Lin Hui agree to share the money with you? You know that the money didn’t come from legal means, but you couldn’t resist the temptation, so you still agreed… I not

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