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At the entrance of Zhangji Soup Noodle House, a white banner was hung between two electric poles. On it was written: "Unscrupulous Noodle House, killing father and family, selling human flesh, losing all conscience!"

Zhang Farong shouted using a microphone, "Fathers and brothers, come and take a look at what a filial son looks like. He killed his father, minced him into meat, and sold it to customers to eat. He even cut his second uncle up like this!”

Zhang Farong was shirtless and wrapped in thick bandages. The bandage was leaking blood. He deliberately went to the clinic to re-bandage himself and the blood was dripped on using red ink for a bloody effect.

His son, Zhang Kui, held sticks with a group of his brothers, driving away the guests in the store. "You’re still eating! Does human meat taste nice? After eating human flesh, aren’t you afraid that you’ll become livestock in your next life?"

The customers were driven away one by one. Zhang Farong became more and more energetic. "Come and see a great filial son who killed his father and sold human flesh to make money! The police have already filed a case to investigate. It’s retribution, retribution!" He smacked his chest. “If I didn’t run so fast that night, I would’ve already been turned into beef balls today!”

Zhang Hao was standing behind the bench and his cheeks twitched with anger while the rest of his face contorted. The rolling pin in his hand made a cracking noise in his hands.

"Don't believe this old hooligan. I’ve already called the police and they will be here in a moment." The wife persuaded him.

Zhang Hao couldn't stand it anymore and rushed out. Zhang Kui and the others immediately stopped and shoved him back. "What are you doing? Do you want to kill us to prevent us from talking? What can you do to us alone?”

Zhang Hao glared at him, almost breathing fire in his eyes.

Fortunately, the police arrived at this time and the scene finally stopped. After half an hour, when Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue arrived, Zhang Farong and his gang of troublemakers were squatting down on the ground with their hands on their heads. Zhang Farong still persistently said, "You don't catch the murderer, but you came to arrest me, a law-abiding citizen? Did you receive this kid's black money?! Are the police now turning black and white upside down?"

"Zhang Farong, have you caused enough trouble?" Lin Dongxue said sternly.

Seeing these "acquaintances", Zhang Farong stood up with a smile, and the local police reprimanded him, "Squat down."

Zhang Farong squatted back down again. "Beauty, you should control your subordinates. Why aren’t you discerning right from wrong? I’m clearly the victim!"

Lin Dongxue was about to say something when Chen Shi said, "There is nothing to talk about with these hooligans. Let our colleagues take them away first."

The people were taken away, the banners were taken down, and the crowds gradually dispersed. The scene finall

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