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Zhang Hao's smile gave Lin Dongxue and Chen Shi a chilling feeling.

He continued, "My father was killed by accident, but what I thought was how good this old bastard would be if he was a dog. Then, I could just easily put his body in a bag and throw it out in the trash. I used the exact same method he used to throw away his internal organs. The meat was minced and made into meatballs. The bones were scorched to ensure that there would be no smell. Later, I threw his bones into the outskirts in batches…"

Lin Dongxue interrupted him, "Do you remember the specific locations?"

Zhang Hao shook his head. "I just remember some. I went out to throw away the bones at night. Like I said at the beginning, I didn't feel an ounce of remorse for killing him. I told my wife that he didn't come back after a walk. Although I printed out missing persons notices, we didn’t post much. At that time, he didn’t care about what happened in the shop anymore. With his personality, he didn’t have many friends. No one had asked about him after his disappearance for quite some time. Only my second uncle noticed some signs. He didn’t go to the police but used it to blackmail me."

"Did you give him money?"

"Yes, sometimes a few thousand, sometimes a few hundred. Adding it all up, there might have been around two hundred thousand. But, the guy was still greedy and came to find me every three to five days to ask for money. I couldn’t bear it! Actually, my shop doesn’t use beef paste. I bought it to kill him and Zhang Kui. So long as these two guys didn’t die, I wouldn’t have a day of peace. However, I had no chance to put it into practice..." Zhang Hao shook his head, as if it was a pity.

"So, when we were eating in your shop that day, you told me that Zhang Kui was being hunted down by the triads and the other party threatened to kill his whole family. You were trying to sow the seeds for it?" Chen Shi said.

Zhang Hao smiled. "You actually noticed it."

"This question is besides the point but this old store wouldn’t open again, right?"

"The recipe is handed down from generation to generation. No one but our family can make that taste, but that’s fine. This family is the source of my life’s nightmare. I hope my son can live a normal life. I also hope that he won't hit his own children in the future..." At this point, Zhang Hao wiped away his tears.

"Your grandfather's bones were in the store. Have you always known about this?" Lin Dongxue asked.

"Actually, my father bought a basement before and these bones were hidden there by him. Later, the basement was demolished. I was afraid of it being discovered, so I moved the bones there. I had planned to deal with them bit by bit, but I ran out of time.

"What exactly is the recipe in your shop? Spices? Or do you add drugs as rumored?" Chen Shi asked. He knew it wasn’t the right time to be asking this, but as a person who loved cooking, he was very curious about it.



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