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Chen Shi found that everyone had gone silent and looked around. Everyone in the laboratory was looking at him with surprise. He asked, "What’s up with your reactions?"

Peng Sijue said, "You were thinking there for such a long time and then suddenly came up with such a sentence. How do you think we should react?"

"I mean, the killer washed the stomach of the deceased, and hid her head because the deceased had performed oral sex on him. The deceased may have his DNA in her mouth and stomach!”

Peng Sijue understood and ordered, "Cut the esophagus!"

"Ah yes, has the location been mathematically calculated yet?"

"There is a group of meteorologists figuring it out right now!"

"I’ll go take a look."

Throughout the post-mortem examination, Lin Dongxue stood at the door and peeredat them. She didn't dare to walk over. She was disgusted just listening to the two of them make their deductions.

In fact, with so many crimes solved, she wasn’t too afraid of corpses anymore. It was just due to female instinct. She instinctively felt uncomfortable when she heard about this kind of sexual torture and murder.

Chen Shi beckoned her to follow him. In another conference room, a group of experts wearing glasses were arguing endlessly. Many draft papers and maps had been placed on the table. Chen Shi said, "Hello everyone, I'm with the task force. Is the result out?"

An old expert with gray hair said, "It’s like this. Captain Peng just said that the time of death was about 8 to 12 o'clock. If you use this interval to calculate, the range is still too large."

"Dividing the corpse is time-consuming. You can calculate from twelve to five in the morning."

"That’s also been calculated. You don't know the situation. There was high negative pressure over the past two days. The wind direction last night can be said to be unpredictable. One second it might be the southeast wind, and the next it might be the northwest wind. We may need to do an experiment."

"What experiment?"

"Can you find the exact same balloon? We want to load the balloon with an equal weight, let it fly and see how long it would take to drop."

"That's a bit dangerous. It's a blessing that the corpse that fell down today didn’t kill anyone. If something unexpected happens in the test..." Chen Shi said.

"We will follow the balloon all the way and conduct the experiment in the countryside to ensure that we won’t hit anyone."

"Okay then!"

Chen Shi went to the forensics lab to get the balloon fragments. The experts took them one by one and figured out the size of the balloon. Fortunately, one of the balloons had not popped yet. The forensics team had already tested helium with a 98% purity from it.

The experts then planned to go back to test things out. Chen Shi said, "Wait a second. Don’t you also need to consider the height of the release?"

The old expert was surprised and said, "This comrade is really attentive. Yes, this is also

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