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After a lap of searching, everyone was dead tired. They began sitting on the ground and chatting with each other. Xu Xiaodong said, "We searched more carefully today than grave robbers. Why didn't we find the body that old man talked about?"

A police officer said, "It's not necessarily a corpse though?"

"What could it be? It couldn’t be rotten green pepper shredded pork stuffed in a big bag and transported to the hills?"

Old Zhang waved his hand and said, "There’s still a large area of barren land in front of us. If we were to dig three feet into the ground, maybe we could actually find a body."

"No, it's impossible to search anymore today."

The police were a little reluctant to admit that sometimes unsolvable cases were a case of bad luck. They seemed to have grown accustomed to solving cases after cases following Chen Shi. Today's work made everyone a little discouraged when they came out empty-handed.

Lin Dongxue said, "Why do I think that the more we check, the more we’ve drifted from the truth?"

Xu Xiaodong replied, "If Brother Chen was here, what do you think he would say?"

Lin Dongxue thought about it. "'If I were the criminal...'"

"How about it?"

"No, no. I don't have a quirky mind like his."

"Ah, everyone is human. Why can Brother Chen get it, but we can't?" Xu Xiaodong sighed while holding his legs.

They were empty-handed after a full day. The thought of not being able to report anything when they got back home inevitably made them frustrated, but they were really hungry. They returned to the city for a meal before rushing back to the bureau.

Lin Qiupu was not idle that day. He brought in several people who had bad blood with Hao Jie's father. The interrogations were done over the course of eight hours, and although statements were made, everyone expressed that they had nothing to do with the case.

These people had to be let go first. Lin Qiupu came out of the interrogation room and saw the crowd with dirty faces. He asked, "Did you find anything?"

"No. We found a witness, but the information he provided may not be related to this case." Old Zhang explained.

"Don't forget to record it down."

"Captain Lin, it’s not me who said this, but this case may not be solvable."

"Don't retreat as soon as you come up. Head back for today and have a good rest. We’ll continue tomorrow."

The crowd left, but Lin Dongxue was the last one to leave. Before leaving, she said, "Brother, I bought you something to eat. I put it on your desk."

"I see." Lin Qiupu replied indifferently. "Hurry back!"

As soon as Lin Dongxue left, Lin Qiupu sprinted back to his office. When he saw a bag of fresh fungus on the table, he was a bit surprised. Then, sat in front of the computer and started searching. "The meaning of gifting fungus."

After eating a hearty meal of stir-fried fungus, Lin Qiupu pondered over the documents he took home with him. The case was flawless, and he couldn’t e

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