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Hao Jie’s uncle was extremely tense in the interrogation room and kept fidgeting. Lin Dongxue confirmed his basic information and asked, "What were you doing on November 11th of last year?"

"Accompanying my wife to shop online. Wasn’t that singles day?" Hao Jie’s uncle laughed.

"We checked your phone logs. You received your sister's call on November 11th. It came in the early morning. The call lasted half an hour. What did you talk about?"

"We chat... We chatted about family stuff... You may not know, but my sister and brother-in-law have a bad relationship. She was just venting to me."

"If you don’t want to talk about it, I'll speak on your behalf. On November 10th, your brother-in-law was away for a few days on a business trip. On November 11th, a mother and son arrived at your sister's house. The woman's name was Guo Bilian and the child was Guo Niandong. Guo Bilian clearly led the child there to reunite with his biological father. Your sister allowed them to stay at the house and then opened the gas valve to let them die of carbon monoxide poisoning. After the murder, your sister was very flustered and contacted you. You two went to the suburbs to throw the corpses away the next day. Then, your sister thought of a brilliant trick to use the death of this mother and son to fight for Hao Jie's custody. She planned a kidnapping case where she masked fakes with the real deal. No doubt it was you who kidnapped Hao Jie back then! You executed your sister's script perfectly, didn’t go to get the ransom, and the police didn’t find you. Then, Hao Jie was sent to a boarding school. No one would think that you were the 'kidnapper'. You took care of Hao Jie privately while your sister was acting in front of the police. You would wait for your brother-in-law to die due to illness. When all the disturbances subsided, you’d take Hao Jie back to be with your sister again."

Listening to Lin Dongxue retell the case, Hao Jie’s uncle began to sweat intensely. Lin Dongxue twirled her pen around and calmly waited for him to speak.

As time passed by, Lin Qiupu called her through the intercom and said, "Change the interrogation room."

"Change the interrogation room?" Lin Dongxue suddenly realized that Lin Qiupu, the drunk person, didn’t want more alcohol, but something else. This was so that the two would know that the other was being interrogated as well.

"Remember, don't let them speak when they meet in the corridor."

Lin Dongxue went to untie Hao Jie’s uncle’s handcuffs and he asked nervously, "What! Why? Are you guys going to use torture?"

"The air is bad here. We’ll take you to another interrogation room."

Hao Jie’s uncle was escorted out. At the other end of the corridor, Hao Jie's mother was escorted by Lin Qiupu. Lin Dongxue thought that the scene was a bit fit for a drama. Here was the sister holding the brother and there was the older brother holding the older sister.

The moment they looked at each other, t

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