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Chen Shi said, "It seems that we have to start the investigation with Shida."

Gu You said, "I want to hypnotize Little Worm to see if the effects of the brainwashing can be removed."

"Will the success rate be high?"

"It’s just an attempt!"

Gu You got Sun Zhen to lie down. Sun Zhen, who already trusted her a great deal, entered a hypnotic state after just a few words of guidance. Gu You said next to his ear, "Try to say the word 'Zhou'."

Even in a hypnotic state, Sun Zhen shook his head desperately, "I can't say it! I can't say it!"

"When you think of the word, what do you feel? Fear? Anxiety?"

"Fear! It’s fear!"

"It seems like that person must have tortured you. Rest assured, you are with us now and it’s very safe. Try and think of the word in your mind. You’ll feel a little scared, but it doesn’t matter. I’m here with you!"

Gu You held Sun Zhen's hand. Sun Zhen had sweat all over his brow and stuttered, "This... This... This..."

With constant encouragement from Gu You, Sun Zhen finally said the word, "Zhou! Zhou! Zhou!"

"That’s amazing. It's successful!" kk praised.

"It's just a small step." Chen Shi said. Zhou Xiao's brainwashing associated those information with deep fear. Gu You was using a systematic desensitization method to slowly reduce his fear.

Gu You encouraged him, "Now, say the name 'Zhou Tiannan'."

"Zhou... Zhou..." Sun Zhen suddenly sat up, eyes wide, sweating, "No! I can't say that!"

"He woke up?" kk asked in surprise.

Gu You shook her head. "The brainwashing effect is too deep. Long-term treatment may be needed to remove this 'patch.'"

Chen Shi suggested, "I have an idea. If he saw Zhou Tiannan with his own eyes, would he remember everything at once?"

"Excessive stimulation may also cause his mind to collapse instantly." Gu You said.

Sun Zhen piped up, "I want to give it a try. I hope to do something to help you catch him."

Chen Shi said, "Now that I know his name, I'll go to the bureau and look for his photo. Wait for me."

Chen Shi returned an hour later and said, "I found dozens of people named ‘Zhou Tiannan’ in the household registration database. Let's try them one by one!"

"Wait!" Gu You looked at Sun Zhen. "Let's get you into a hypnotic state first. This time I’ll guide you to enter a deeper state, so that you’ll have a buffer."

"I’ll listen to Miss Gu." Sun Zhen said.

Gu You poured a glass of water for him. After drinking a large glass of water, Sun Zhen lay down again, and soon went into hypnosis under the guidance of Gu You. He was hypnotized three times in total. Each time deeper than the last. He could only hear Gu You's words now as he entered something like a semi-conscious altered sleep state.

Gu You said, "Open your eyes!"

Sun Zhen opened his eyes and kk said, "It's scary. He’s just like a zombie."

Gu You explained, "His consciousness has entered a deep state of hypnosis. Even with his eyes open, there woul

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