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Wiping her tears away, Hao Jie’s mother began to say, "It's all that man's fault. In order to get my father's help, he pursued me endlessly with false sincerity and kicked away his first love. After our marriage, he was extremely indifferent to me and messing around outside constantly. The reason I was admitted to the psychiatric hospital was all because of him. If he didn’t treat me like that, why would I have gone crazy…”

"I don't want to listen to this." Lin Qiupu interrupted coldly.

"After Hao Jie was born, I finally had a little motivation to live..."

"I don't want to listen to that either!"

Hao Jie's mother had no desire to resist at this moment. Instead, she smiled and asked, "What do you want to hear?"

"The process of the murder!"

"The murder... Yes... the process of the murder. Last November, that shameless mistress texted the man saying that she had a child for him and wanted to bring the child to see him..."

Lin Qiupu knocked on the table. "Hao Jie’s father didn't know anything about the illegitimate child. Even now, he doesn’t know about it. You installed surveillance software on his mobile phone and then used his phone to sound the other woman out."

"You really did a thorough investigation. Yes, that's right! I didn't monitor him for anything else. It was just to get evidence for the divorce. After seeing that text message, I was so mad that I went crazy. I went to find the man to reason with him, but he was drunk that day. That’s why I used his phone to see what she would say... This shameless mistress actually wanted to bring the illegitimate child to see him. I told her an address. It was my home address.”

"You may not know, but at that time, Hao Jie's father had already found out that he had cancer. It was misdiagnosed as benign. He was messing around every day so his body was damaged early. He would have died in front of me sooner or later. I wouldn’t allow another illegitimate child to appear, sharing his inheritance. I also wouldn’t allow another child in the world to call him dad! Since my days had been like this, I didn’t want him to be blessed either!"

Hao Jie's mother showed a fierce expression before smiling.

"I needed to kill her! I have long wanted to kill this shameless little three. Now, I finally had the chance. I thought of many plans and finally thought of this trick that would cause them to die by accident. The police couldn’t do anything to me! So I set up the scene and waited for them to come. They finally came. I said, ‘I'm sorry, Hao Zhiqiang isn’t at home. You can sit for a while!’ Then, I poured drinks for them. After they finished drinking, the two of them fell asleep. I switched the electric mainboard off, turned on the gas, and closed the windows and doors before leaving…”

"I came back at 8:00 to turn off the gas and open the windows. Haha, the cheap woman and bastard died completely! When the gas was gone, I called my brother and asked him to help me hand

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