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"Name!" Lin Qiupu asked for the third time.

Hao Jie’s mother seemed like she was in her own world. Her eyes fluttered around and then she opened her mouth and began to sing. "Don't ask me where I come from~ My hometown is far away~ Why stray, stray far away, stray..."

Chen Shi laughed from the other side of the one-sided mirror. He heard the footsteps in the corridor and came out for a look. Lin Dongxue and Xu Xiaodong were back. Lin Dongxue said, "Has the person been brought back?"

"She’s been brought back. She’s holding a concert right now! Did you find anything?”

"I went to the hospital and Hao Jie's father was awake, but I was afraid of agitating him. I asked in a roundabout manner. He said that he did have a mistress 11 years ago. It’s around the time when Hao Jie's mother was pregnant, but he didn’t know anything about illegitimate children."

"What was her name?"

"The mistress is called Guo Bilian."

"Investigate her!"

Xu Xiaodong said, "I went to the gas company. They charge monthly. The gas used by Hao Jie's family can only reach 20 cubic meters. After the kidnapping, they didn’t even use 10. However, the consumption increased to 25 cubic meters around November of last year."

"Ah!" Lin Dongxue suddenly remembered something. "The old man who sold fungus mentioned that he saw someone ‘throw away a body’ at the end of last year, but we searched the entire hill and couldn’t find anything.”

Chen Shi also looked at the questioning records. He said, "The old man may have seen the corpse getting abandoned... You guys searched the whole place and didn’t find a corpse? Are you sure?"

"Of course we’re sure... But there are still a few hills behind it that haven’t been searched."

"This woman is good at utilizing standard thinking. If I were her, where would I hide the body?" Chen Shi thought.

Xu Xiaodong said, "Who would the other body belong to?"

Lin Dongxue thought about it. "Would it be Guo Bilian? A 10-year-old child can’t come to Hao Jie's house alone. He must have been brought over by the mother. Hao Jie's mother killed two people!"

"Fuck!" Xu Xiaodong was shocked. "That said, the murder took place in November, and the kidnapping case was only planned in December. I didn't expect that."

Chen Shi suddenly thought of something, ran to the office, tore a piece of paper, scribbled a line of words on it, folded it and put it into Lin Dongxue's pocket. He said, "Go to the scene again and open it when you get there."

"What? A secret master plan from a Chinese silk bag"

"Occasionally there needs to be some drama. Remember to bring some tools." Chen Shi winked.

"Guo Bilian's lead..."

"I'll investigate it! You guys hurry over."

The two set off by car. Chen Shi found Guo Bilian’s information through the household registration information held at the bureau. She came from the northwest. Her parents died early and she worked outside alone. It seemed that her life was very u

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