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Lin Qiupu brought the DNA identification results, evidence, photos and statement from the people who reported the case to the other branch. The police officer over the phone waited for him at the door. He introduced himself with the surname Liu. Lin Qiupu asked, "Officer Liu, has Hao Jie ever had a fracture before?"

"I don't know about that. You don’t know about the situation at that time. The parents were so anxious that they were like ants on the top of a hot pot. How could it have been possible for them to talk about their child’s experiences with me?"

"Then we can only rely on DNA identification. Do you have their phone numbers?"

Officer Liu frowned. "Yes, yes I do, but I can't guarantee whether Hao Jie's mother will scold you or not. I called a few times to ask about the situation and I was scolded endlessly.”

"I’ll give it a go!"

Lin Qiupu called Hao Jie's mother and said politely, "Hello, I'm the captain of the city’s public security bureau, Lin-“

"Why are you contacting me again! Isn't it enough for you guys to have killed my son half a year ago? You only know how to investigate and collect evidence. Hurry and find my son back for me! You’re spending the taxpayer’s money! How can you still have the face to do this?!”

Officer Liu smiled bitterly and said, "I told you so."

Lin Qiupu took a breath and said, "Ma'am, listen to me. We found the skeletal remains of a boy today. It’s suspected that- "

"What? What did you say?! Say that again! Is my son dead?! You guys killed him! I want to sue your public security bureau until it closes!"

"Could you please calm down? Would you be available for me to meet?"

There was a crying sound and then the other party said, "The Third People's Hospital in the city. I’m in the No. 1 inpatient department."

After hanging up the phone, Officer Liu said, "I won't go. I have no face to see her again. These are the materials on this case."

"Why is she in the hospital? Was she hospitalized because of this?"

"I heard that Hao Jie's father was tested positive for cancer. Haii, what a poor family."

When thinking of meeting her alone, Lin Qiupu was a bit anxious. After thinking about it, he called Xu Xiaodong to go with him.

The two met at the hospital. Xu Xiaodong looked very excited coming out to handle the case alone with the captain. When he met with Lin Qiupu, he asked, "Captain, what special case are you working on to be handling it personally like this? Have you contacted Brother Chen? Have you eaten?"

"Why do you have so many pointless words coming out of your mouth? Follow me."

They met Hao Jie's mother, Ms. Qin in the inpatient department. Ms. Qin's eyes were red and she seemed to have just finished crying. She was well-dressed, so their family could be assumed to be fairly well-off.

Ms. Qin said coldly, "For the past six months, I’ve been looking forward to the police’s phone call every day, but I was afraid of facing the reality. It

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