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The boss, who was busy greeting customers, suddenly heard a loud bang. He saw that the man had just flung away a bowl. He was about to scold him. Even if he didn’t like the food, he shouldn’t be throwing things. The guy must have a problem.

But the man silently left fifty dollars under a jar of hot sauce and left.

Chen Shi returned to the car, leaned back on his seat and covered his face with his hands. Lin Qiupu asked, "What did you two talk about? I saw you guys talking and laughing as if you were old friends.”

"We tested each other..."

"What was tested?"


Lin Qiupu was startled and gave him one. Chen Shi's trembling hand reached out to light it. Then he hesitated and returned it back to Lin Qiupu. "You smoke it!"

Lin Qiupu didn’t want the one with his saliva on it and lit up another. The car was quickly filled with second-hand smoke. Chen Shi took a deep breath and felt a lot better, saying, "I'll take you to the bureau."

"Thanks for your trouble."

"Remember to pay!"


After sending Lin Qiupu to the city bureau, Chen Shi turned his car around. He didn’t plan to offer his driving services today. He wanted to go to the agency and continue to investigate Zhou Tiannan. At that time, Lin Qiupu ran out and kept tapping the door. "Send me to Jifeng Road!"

"What happened?"

"There’s a case. I didn't drive today."

"Haii, come on then!"

Lin Qiupu kept phoning people after getting into the car and then Lin Dongxue got into the car as well. Several other police cars set off one after another. Chen Shi whispered, "What's the case about?"

"I heard that fragments of a corpse fell from the sky. What a psycho! I haven't seen such a thing in all my time as a police officer."

"How long have you been a police officer?"

Lin Qiupu hung up the phone. "We shouldn’t go to Jifeng Road anymore. We need to go to Xinchuan Road. A second bag of corpse fragments was found!"

Chen Shi thought, what kind of psycho did this? Falling from the sky? This is too extravagant!

Chen Shi and another police car arrived at Xinchuan Road. A traffic policeman was directing traffic there. There was a major traffic jam on the roads since it had happened during rush hour. Needless to say, the drivers were really annoyed.

They took the tools, got out of the car and put on rubber gloves as they walked. The black plastic bag had fallen on the top of a car. The driver had temporarily stopped the car on the side of the road under the direction of the traffic police. When he saw the police coming over, he said excitedly, "Officers, you guys are finally here. Something landed on the roof of my car just now, denting the roof of my car, and then stinky blood dripped down. It scared me to death! Please hurry up and deal with it!”

Chen Shi used his fingers to lift the edge of the plastic bag on the top of the car and saw several fingers coated with purple nail polish. Lin Dongxue immediately furrowed

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