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The two pretended to have come with Wang Haitao and they went to the reception room upstairs. A female staff member brought them three glasses of water. Wang Haitao said, "We won't drink this. Change it to Evian."

The female staff member said nervously, "Okay, I'll go and buy it now."

Lin Dongxue said, "Mr. Wang, you’re just like a rich second generation now!"

"Haha, Evian is really expensive. I don't usually drink that either... Although my father doesn't expect me to inherit the company, I usually still save money whenever I can. When it comes to doing business, I have really invested successfully recently..."


Chen Shi kicked him underneath the table, implying that he shouldn’t talk about the agency. Wang Haitao immediately changed his tune and said, "Stocks."

After a while, three interviewers in suits came in. They seemed very nervous. They didn't know if they were interviewing or being interviewed. Before they sat down, Wang Haitao asked, "What do you guys do?"

"I'm the vice president of the company. This is the manager of the marketing department and this is the manager of the human resources department... Mr. Wang, are we qualified to interview you?" The vice president nodded and bowed humbly as he asked.

"I want to be interviewed by Mr. Zhang."

"All right, we'll call him then."

Later, a young president came in, shook Wang Haitao's hand and said, "Sorry, I am late because I was handling some documents... I am wondering what position in my humble company Mr. Wang would like to hold? Does Old Man Lu plan to invest in our company? Haha, just kidding... Are these two your secretaries? Mr. Wang has an eye for talent!"

Wang Haitao made a gesture of introduction, "These two are my police friends. They have something to ask you."

President Zhang's face instantly fell. He seemed to realize that this was a “trap.” Chen Shi said, “We are criminal police officers. Rest assured, this matter is not only harmless to you, but also beneficial!”

"Okay, okay, please go ahead."

"When your father died in 2008, did the will secretly executed by the lawyer mention an illegitimate child and did he receive an inheritance as well?”

President Zhang was intrigued; he pulled a chair over and sat down. "What? Are the police suspecting him? I also said at the time that my dad was always careful. How would an illegitimate child even come about? But there was that DNA test result. In addition, my dad was mentally confused from his illness at the time, so he added a sum to his will."

"We suspect that it might have been a scam!"

Mr. Zhang clapped his hands. At that moment, he didn’t forget to ingratiate himself with Wang Haitao and said, "Mr. Wang, you have brought me good news... Officers, could you please tell me what is going on? Would we be able to recover the tens of millions that the scammer took from us?"

Chen Shi asked Lin Dongxue, "The money fell into Du Xuemei's pocket and was inherit

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