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Volume 28: Bloodthirsty Muse

He An came to the hotel door, habitually adjusted his tie and cuffs, and smoothed his hair with his hands. As a celebrity’s manager, paying attention to his appearance had become his subconscious habit.

Opening the door, the room was messy, and the floor was full of discarded music sheets. His superstar Luo Zuyu was sitting on the sofa wearing a black singlet and ripped jeans with his hands separated and head tilted back. If the cigarette in his mouth wasn’t lit, He An would have suspected that he had died.

In addition to the smell of cigarette smoke and a mysterious smell, there was also another strange smell. It was the smell of drugs emanating from a person’s pores after he had taken the drugs.

The bridge of He An’s nose wrinkled a little. He grabbed a stack of sheet music on the table and threw it at Luo Zuyu, scolding, "You’re taking drugs again?!”

"Do you think that genius singers are only inspired by their fans’ love?" Luo Zuyu casually swept away the sheet music on his body, widened his bloodshot eyes, and ash from his cigarette fell on the paper.

He An was instantly enraged. He controlled his emotions, saying, "How many times have I told you that you must be cautious when you’re out of town? Three paparazzi can be hidden in a single trash can on the roadside. Especially in Long’an. Did you forget what happened here a few years ago? This place is in conflict with your bazi!"

"I haven't forgotten!" Luo Zuyu's gaze was instantly gloomy. "Fuck, that stinking bastard called Song Lang made the company cast me out into the cold for six years. Has he died yet?"

"He’s said to be missing," The manager said, while tidying up the place. "It seems like he shot a colleague by mistake and is now a wanted man."

"Ha, haha, hahaha!"

Luo Zuyu was happier than when he was taking drugs. He jumped up and moved elsewhere. He produced a tablet out of nowhere and started playing with it. The manager glanced at what he was doing and was so frightened that he broke out in a cold sweat. He immediately snatched it away.

The manager scolded in a low voice, "Why are these photos still here?! Didn't I ask you to delete them?"

"Those are my works. No, they’re works of art." Luo Zuyu looked up, raising his eyelids that were swollen due to lack of sleep. Because the power of the drugs that he took hadn’t passed yet, he continued to wear a dazed smile on his face.

"Hopeless!" The manager growled with anger. "If these things are leaked, it would be equivalent to ten nude photo scandals added up together! Do you want to die?"

"That's great." Luo Zuyu clapped. "Then I’d be even more popular. My name will be written down in history, haha, haha!"

"Your name will stink in history!" The manager was looking for the power switch on the tablet when Luo Zuyu snatched it back.

"Find me a girl. A young and sexy one. It’s best if it’s the type that nobody would take notice of even if she were

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