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Lin Qiupu felt like he was asked an absurd question. "Of course it’s Hao Jie. We’ve already done a DNA test.”

"Who did you do the test against?"

"His father..." Lin Qiupu's eyes widened, thinking of Hao Jie's mother’s abnormal behavior at the time. Hao Jie's father was sick in bed, so it would have been more convenient for her to provide DNA.

However, he denied the idea. "It is impossible. Impossible. His mother was overly sad, so it’s normal that she didn’t want to cooperate with the investigation.”

"You’re actually helping explain her behavior? In short, the identity of the victim needs to be fully determined first. If this isn’t ascertained, the direction of the entire investigation will be off course."

"What if she doesn't cooperate?"

"That's even better. If she doesn’t even comply with a small request like this, it proves she has a problem… Let's go! I'll take your car!"

The two went directly to Hao Jie's house. On the way, Chen Shi called the task force members and asked them to search for new targets. When they heard Chen Shi's voice, everyone was motivated.

Lin Qiupu said, "You should just be a police officer. You’ll be a captain within two years."

"How much do you earn a month? Aren’t you still paying off your mortgage? I’m not going to do this kind of tiresome job that people don’t like!"

Lin Qiupu felt attacked and said, "You… Your development is limited by your short-sightedness. You can be a police officer, but you’re here providing driving services!"

Hao Jie's family lived on the top floor. Lin Qiupu was about to knock on the door when Chen Shi stopped him and put his ear on the door to listen. Lin Qiupu followed suit. Hao Jie’s mother was on a phone call and she didn’t sound sad at all.

"Li Jie, how were the skin care products my brother bought for you from South Korea? Nothing much... Okay, let’s go out for tea when you have time..."

Chen Shi then knocked on the door. Hao Jie’s mother opened the door and her expression changed immediately. She said, "What are you doing here? Do you still think that you haven’t harmed our family enough? I have already sued you. I don’t want to see you pieces of waste again before going to court!"

"Sue?" Chen Shi wondered.

"Ms. Qin, you are suing the branch office responsible for the kidnapping case. We are the head office responsible for the murder investigation. I hope you can cooperate."


"Can we come in?"

After entering the house, Chen Shi looked around and said, "The house is smaller than I thought. I thought Boss Hao would live in a bigger house."

"He is a fart boss who owes a butt-ful of debt. He’s sick as well. Our family is considered a ruined family. All of this is because of you police."

Lin Qiupu said, "Ms. Qin, can you please stop using that attitude with us all the time? We are trying our best to solve the case in hopes to bring justice for you and your family. Don't you want us to find out the tr

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