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"At that time, I had already backed out. I couldn’t stand the game anymore. I contacted him from time to time, but he stopped talking to me. I was really worried that one day he would suddenly commit suicide. The stuff that follows was what I heard after meeting him for the second time. It took him a whole year and countless trial and error, countless crashes, until he finally came up with a perfect virtual engine. He happily showed it to the president, that is-"

"Du Xuemei."

"Yes, he took his own blood, sweat and tears to show Du Xuemei. This woman, who didn’t understand programming at all, listened to him explain everything for half a day, and only said, 'Too complicated. It doesn’t meet Party A's requirements!' Zhou Tiannan was furious and demanded a meeting with Party A. Du Xuemei rejected him saying, ‘Who do you think you are? Go back and change it for me!’ Zhou Tiannan slammed the table and said, "This engine is the most perfect engine possible. It’s almost the same as the physical laws of the real world. It can’t be more perfect than that. I can prove it to you!’ Du Xuemei said to him, 'Prove it then!’ Zhou Tiannan was about to explode. He opened the window and said, ‘I’ll show you how real it is!’ Then he jumped out. It was the sixth floor! Guess what happened?"

"He died?" kk guessed.

"He got hurt?" Chen Shi asked.

"He fell, but he was only slightly injured. Unbelievable, right?!" Sun Zhen said.

"How was that possible? It was the sixth floor!"

"That's the truth. Zhou Tiannan didn’t die. When he was in the hospital, he began to reflect on some things. He may have thought that the world was an illusion. His not dying was proof of that for him. He thinks that he came to this world with a mission. That was the starting point of his craziness. Putting things together with the truth uncovered by Brother Chen, the first person he killed after recovering must have been Du Xuemei. Then he joined 'Black Honey' to plan the tragedy at Villa Luolin."

Chen Shi said, "He should have met Wang Sunxu at that time. The two had a common hatred towards Du Xuemei, so they planned the murder and fire."

"I think this is bullshit!" kk said, "Jumping down from the sixth floor and only sustaining minor injuries? Who would believe that?"

Gu You said, "I just thought of a news story. A farmer in California was swept away by a tornado. He was carried a few kilometers away and thrown onto the ground without serious injuries. Later, the doctor found out that he had bumped his head when he was swept away by the tornado. He had bumped his head on a wooden board and went into a coma. Which meant that he was completely relaxed, and his bones and flesh somehow perfectly absorbed the impact when he landed."

"That’s a bit ridiculous. Isn't that a superpower?" kk asked.

"The potential of the human body is huge. In a critical situation, a person can lift up to three times their weight and can fall from a high place without being

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