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Lin Dongxue said, "Your reasoning ability is superb! Teach me!"

"No need. Your investigative ability is much better than before."

"How can I compare with you though?" Lin Dongxue whispered sweetly.

"Okay, okay, I'll teach you." Chen Shi looked around. "Do you see the blue house over there?"

"I do, what's wrong?"

Chen Shi said deeply, "This house caught fire three years ago."

"How do you know?"

Chen Shi laughed. "Because I was passing by back then. I called the firefighters over as well.”

"How is that reasoning? You’re playing with me, huh?" Lin Dongxue raised her fist.

"Okay, okay, don’t hit me. We should go to the next high building."

Lin Dongxue pointed to a building in the distance. "That one? God, we still need to walk a long way. How about going by car?"

"Let's walk. Maybe we’ll be able to find some clues on the way over."

"Haii, why doesn’t Long’an have any superheroes that punish evil? It’d be nice if we could ask superheroes to do such laborious work."

"It's better not to have superheroes."


"When there are superheroes, there are super villains. Everything in the world is balanced. Let's go!"

"So, if us police are a little stupid, the bad guys will be a little stupid as well?"

"Haha, you can implement your own ideals."

"That’s a roundabout way of saying that I’m stupid." Lin Dongxue, who was walking behind Chen Shi, kicked him from behind.

On the way to the building, the two of them suddenly saw a group of school children playing with a balloon. The balloon had already deflated quite a bit but hadn’t popped. Chen Shi immediately stopped the child and said, "Child, where did you get the balloon from?"

The child looked at Chen Shi and was a little scared. He was about to escape. Chen Shi grabbed his arm and he started wailing immediately.

Lin Dongxue said softly, "Can you tell Elder Sister where you picked up the balloon? Here, Elder Sister will give you a piece of candy to eat." She took out a piece of chewing gum.

The child didn’t accept it and pointed to the front saying, "There!"

"Can you give the balloon to Elder Sister?"

"No, I found it first!"

"Can Elder Sister buy it from you?"

"Then give me five yuan."

Lin Dongxue didn’t have any change. Chen Shi fished out five coins and gave them to him and the child happily ran away with his companions.

The two walked towards the area that the child had pointed towards and passed through an alley where there was a courtyard formed by surrounding buildings. It was surrounded by garbage and had messy graffiti on the walls. A solitary black bag had fallen onto the ground.

Chen Shi put on his gloves and opened it. A rancid smell from the corpse floated out. He said, "Yes! We found another bag!"

"Let’s hurry up and bring it back."

At that time, a press conference was being held in the bureau. Lin Qiupu answered questions raised by various media reporters one by one. Of c

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