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Lin Qiupu looked helpless and said, "I find that everyone in team two now suffers from severe ‘Chen Shi dependence’. Didn't we solve cases before Chen Shi appeared?"

"No major cases were solved." It was unclear who whispered this.

"Who was it? Who said that?! Stand up! Xiaodong, was it you?"

Xu Xiaodong, who was sitting in the corner, was embarrassed and said with a full mouthful, "Not me. I'm eating!"

Everyone laughed and Lin Qiupu knocked on the table. "If you have any ideas, then let it be known. The case is in its ice-breaking stage, so just make bold assumptions if you have to!”

Everyone was silent. The case sent out an uncertain atmosphere from head to toe. The other branch had already admitted their defeat. Most people didn't say anything, but they also felt that it wouldn’t be helpful to follow the old clues.

Lin Dongxue stood up and said, "Captain Lin, I looked at Captain Peng's report. It mentioned that the victim died of carbon monoxide poisoning. What’s going on?"

With regards to this odd point, Lin Qiupu didn't dare to recklessly draw conclusions either and asked, "What do you make of it?"

"The carbon monoxide poisoning may have been from a gas leak. Perhaps the child was killed accidentally because the kidnaper had a mishap. Then, they created a farce and didn’t show up to get the ransom.”

"Then they went a bit overboard!" said another police officer. "Since the killer couldn’t be found, they could have just buried the body in the first place."

"But Dongxue's thinking is very good!" Lin Qiupu emphasized. "The murderer's purpose may not be money, but to kill. It doesn’t make any sense for the child to have died from an accident. This is because I heard a recording of the conversation between the kidnapper at the time where Hao Jie’s voice could be heard. That is, during the incident, Hao Jie was still alive... Until the last call on the evening of December 3rd, Hao Jie was still alive. This much is certain!"

"If the killer wanted to kill Hao Jie, and since Hao Jie's father's interpersonal relationship has already been investigated, is it possible to start investigation from Hao Jie's side of things? Didn’t we just solve a similar case?" Lin Dongxue was referring to the Li Mengran Case.

Lin Qiupu considered it and said, "Hao Jie is only a child in elementary. He’s different from Li Mengran. His peers don’t have the ability to commit crimes. Also, the voice of the kidnapper was processed. It was obviously an adult.

"Let’s listen to the recording!"


Lin Qiupu played the recording with a computer. A processed voice said, "Hao Zhiqiang, your son is now in my hands. Prepare a ransom of 10 million. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait to collect your son’s corpse!"

Hao Jie's father yelled, "Who are you?! Don't make this kind of joke. Otherwise, I’ll call the police!"

"Haha, call the police? If you dare call the police, then just wait for the corpse!"

"We won’t. We wo

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