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A day later, Chen Shi yawned as he got out of the car with Lin Dongxue. Lin Dongxue said, "I can’t believe that the truth of the case was like this. How unbelievable."

"The agreement that I had with your brother is finally fulfilled. I was so exhausted yesterday."

"What agreement?"

"Come with me."

When they got to Lin Qiupu's office, Lin Qiupu handed yesterday's file to Chen Shi and said, "This is an old case from ten years ago. The chief didn't agree too much with the case review. I tried to convince him, saying that this might be related to Zhou Xiao. He’s now contacting the procuratorate. The procedures should be finalized soon unless something crops up."

Chen Shi said, "We can’t open the case yet?"

"Investigate it first. When you find the suspect, I’ll get an arrest warrant on my side."

There were two murderers in this case. He thought about how Wang Sunxu was already in custody and how Zhou Xiao was still at large. Chen Shi shook his head, "I'm afraid the suspect can’t be found. We can only find out the truth."

"It's okay just to find out the truth! Now that I have already consented, you can investigate it freely." Lin Qiupu noticed the dark eye circles on Lin Dongxue's face and looked at the dark eye circles on Chen Shi's face. He said to Lin Dongxue, "Don't stay up so late at night. "

"I didn't try to stay up late. It was just because of yesterday’s case." Lin Dongxue said.

"You two didn’t come together, right?"

"No... I don't have a car or driver’s license. So of course I came in his car.”

"Take your driver's license exam again. What kind of police officer doesn’t have a driving license?!"

"I know!" Lin Dongxue replied lazily before turning around and leaving cheerfully with Chen Shi.

"She’s so indifferent to me now!" Lin Qiupu grabbed the cushion on his seat and punched it a few times when another police officer came in. He patted the seat cushion and put on an act, saying, "Oh, I wonder why it’s so dusty... What’s the matter?"

Lin Dongxue asked Chen Shi, "How did you guess that this old case is related to Zhou Xiao?"

"If I didn’t say that, the chief wouldn’t approve the review."

"So, it’s not actually related?"

"No, I think it may be related to Wang Sunxu, so I think it may be related to Zhou Xiao. I’ll tell you the reason later!" Chen Shi said to appease her curiosity.

The two went to the Information Department and investigated the information regarding the victim, Du Xuemei. Her background showed that she was born in a family of teachers and had gone abroad to further her studies. After returning to China, she became the secretary of the Zhang Group President Zhang Bin. Zhang Bin was also her lover. The two were together for over a decade and Du Xuemei still maintained an on-and-off relationship with him even after leaving the Zhang Group.

Zhang Bin was a preposterous person. After his death, there were many exposés about his life on the Internet. He was

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