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On the morning of July 15th, Lin Qiupu left the house and saw Chen Shi's car waiting for him outside. He got into the car and asked, "Are you sure that person is Zhou Xiao?"

"Very sure."

"Where did you get this information from?"


"You’re keeping it a secret from me? I’m more honest than you then. Do you still remember that last case with the fake kidnapping? In the follow-up investigation, we found out that Hao Jie’s mother had a group of friends from an online book club. A person named ‘Ghost Face Butterfly’ offered her a lot of advice for her criminal plans. It could even be said that this person was the one who orchestrated the entire course of the crime."

"No wonder a housewife thought up such a method. I thought that she was mentally abnormal, so her thinking was particularly keen... Ah, yes, what book is the club for?"

"An internet suspense novel. We investigated the author. In fact, he doesn’t belong to the group at all. The group was organized spontaneously by people who read the book, but what they discuss doesn’t seem to be the standard type of stuff. It’s all about crimes. The group has already been shut down by the Internet police department."

Chen Shi thought to himself, why does this cyber community discussing crimes seem so much like "Black Honey”? He said, "The group can be rebuilt even after it’s gone."

"I have sent some people to monitor the core members of that group. At present, they are just 'crime enthusiasts'... I can't figure out why some people have nothing better to do than to get together to discuss these things!"

"Have you cheated on someone before?"

"What are you saying?!"

"For ordinary people whose lives are monotonous, breaking taboos will bring great pleasure. It’s just like how most successful middle-aged men would have affairs. Is it just for sex? Those greasy middle-aged people’s sexual abilities aren’t that great at all. What they’re after is actually the excitement of breaking taboos."

"You say it as if you’ve done it before." Lin Qiupu gave Chen Shi a skeptical look, "I'm sorry but I can’t empathize."

"I heard that there are nineteen states in the United States where sibling marriage is legal."

Lin Qiupu suddenly had goosebumps all over him. "Asshole, why are you suddenly talking about that stuff?!"

"Look! Look!" Chen Shi smiled wickedly and raised his eyebrow. "You also have a desire to break taboos in your heart. Everyone has a muddy flow of chaos within their hearts. It doesn't matter what you think as long as you don't do it. That way, it’s okay! "

"I just want to kill you with one punch right now."

"Okay, let’s not talk about that... Do you have any background information for that ‘Ghost Face Butterfly’ that you just mentioned?”

"So far it seems like he’s just an ordinary netizen."

"Keep an eye on him! Especially when the last case is reported in the news. As the strategist behind the scenes, he will definitely

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