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Gu You continued, "‘g57’ was skilled in information technology. He rewrote the forum’s source code, and also tampered with some of it. I only discovered this later. He modified the algorithm for assigning missions to one another. Our missions were originally randomly distributed. After he modified the algorithm, everyone received the missions that he had designed to turn fake crimes into real crimes. On October 18th, I was assigned a mission to delete some computer files. I snuck into a room, turned on the computer, and saw... I saw many nude photos of my classmates, which were secretly taken in the bathroom, including my own!”

"At that time, I received a text message from someone without a number displayed. It told me that the owner of the house was a worker at our university. He had installed a camera in the bathroom a long time ago, took nude photos of girls, and sold them to some porn sites. The person was currently anesthetized, and there was a knife near the bed. Although I really wanted to kill that person at that moment, my reason stopped me. I realized that it was a trap and immediately deleted the photos from the computer before leaving. The scumbag who worked at my university was called Zhang Jutian. I reported him anonymously. You can all find this piece of news."

Gu You looked at the three, "You’ve received similar missions, haven't you?"

kk suddenly burst into tears. "I killed someone. He was an old man... I remember it was in November. The mission I received was to replace a box with another. I performed the mission easily. After I left, the police suddenly came, and I quickly found a place to hide. I received a text message telling me that the box contained the medicine that the elderly man took every day and that the box I had exchanged it with was poison. The person who sent the text message had already reported it to the police and the police had happened to be on patrol in the community. If I stood by, the old man would die; if I wanted to save him, I would be caught by the police. I was too scared, so I didn’t go back. When I passed by the neighborhood the next day, the funeral for the old man was already being held... I killed him! I killed him!"

Chen Shi kind of wanted to beat kk up on impulse, but restrained himself. It was all Zhou Xiao’s plot. He was the real killer.

Chen Shi recalled, "My mission was this. I received a normal prank mission. When I entered the room, I heard a girl crying. A girl was locked in the bedroom inside the house. The door of that bedroom was welded with iron railings. The girl was dressed flimsily and covered with bruises. I received a text message saying that the owner of the house was a father who committed domestic violence. They had already tampered with the electric blanket. As long as I pulled the bedside table lamp’s cord twice, he would be electrocuted to death... Although I was extremely angry, I didn’t follow the instructions. I pulled out the electric blanket fro

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