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The next night, they went to Tang Palace Bathhouse to take a bath, and then moved to the public rest area wearing loose bathrobes. Gu You had already arrived; she was wearing sunglasses and lying on a lounger drinking juice.

kk and Sun Zhen were talking with smiles on their faces while walking towards her. Gu You asked, "What has made you guys so happy?"

kk smiled lasciviously, "Let me put it simply. It turns out that Brother Chen is a man of great stature..."

"Did you not drink enough water in the bath?!" Chen Shi appeared from behind them, and kk shut up immediately.

Gu You covered her mouth and laughed, and then the four of them found a secluded corner. During this time, Sun Zhen ran to bring some fruits and said solicitously, "Miss Gu, you must be feeling thirsty after taking a bath. You should eat some fruits... This honeydew melon are the last few pieces. I barely managed to grab some."

Gu You smiled, put the fruit plate in the middle of the table, and said, "Let's eat together!"

kk taunted Sun Zhen softly, "You’re not very skilled in bootlicking."

"Mind your own business!" Sun Zhen picked up a piece of watermelon angrily.

kk took out a box of fine cigars. There were four of them in total. He said animatedly, "Come! This is good stuff. Brother Chen, come and try it."

Although Chen Shi was really tempted, he had promised Lin Dongxue to quit smoking, so he restrained himself. He said, "No thanks, you guys can smoke them yourselves!"

kk and Sun Zhen smoked the cigars and looked as delighted as if they were taking drugs. Smelling the scent, Chen Shi was afraid that he would relapse, so he quickly got to the main topic. He threw a piece of paper on the table, "This is Wang Sunxu's timeline. His background is like this. Childhood, orphanage, school, and entering society. Let’s see what juicy details we can dig out!"

Gu You said, "About the second and third dream, I think they have something to do with women. In the rainforest, there was a house hidden in the middle. Doesn’t it seem like a woman’s reproductive organ?"

"Oh, Sister Gu is getting risque. Everyone, please sit tight." kk said excitedly.

Chen Shi disagreed. "Pansexualism? I personally don't think that the entire space in which the person is located is a symbol of some organ. I think that objects with humanoid characteristics in a dream can symbolize someone."

Gu You said, "Don't you think that Wang Sunxu is in a state of sexual deprivation?"

"This assumption is meaningless. What if Wang Sunxu is gay and he and Zhou Xiao are a couple?" Chen Shi suddenly remembered something. "Well, he did have a crush on a girl in middle school."

Gu You smiled, "A snake appeared in the third dream. In psychoanalytic theory, snakes also symbolize women. I said that dreams are generated synchronously. Wang Sunxu entered a house in the second dream. This symbolizes sexual intercourse, but he immediately found out that it was a church. In his

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