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The alley wasn’t far from Kang Li's residence. The police had tried to arrest the rapist in this area two years ago, so he had stopped living here for a long time.

Lin Dongxue looked at the house which now housed a small family of three and said, "Well, we came for nothing."

"Let’s go and find a place nearby to have a meal!"

Lin Dongxue looked up at the sky, "It seems like it’s going to rain soon. Let’s head back!"

"Will you go to my place tonight?"

Lin Dongxue pointed upwards. "It depends on the will of the heavens!"

The alleyways were intricately connected in a complicated way. They had gone in hoping to take a shortcut, but they ended up walking further and further away. A small bookstore appeared in front of them. The interior was simple but inviting.

Chen Shi went in to ask for directions and noticed a girl on a ladder organizing some magazines. There were several rows of magazines on the shelf with paper clips of different sizes clipped onto the covers.

He asked, "Excuse me, how do I get out of these alleys?"

The girl was startled, and the magazine in her hand almost fell. She caught it just in time and put it back into place. She said, "Go right and then turn left when you see a barber shop."

"Thank you."

When Chen Shi came out, Sun Zhen called him. He said, "I have a blind female from the internet asking me to come out and meet her at eight o'clock tonight. Should we meet her?"

"Where are you right now? I'll come over later."

"Let's meet there. I'll send you an address over WeChat."

Lin Dongxue asked what had happened, and Chen Shi said, "I have news from my external help."

"Could it be the murderer?"

"She has just killed someone. It doesn't match her cooling-off period, but we’ll take a look anyway!"

Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue went out. The skies were already getting dark. Chen Shi noticed that the other shops had turned their lights on. He wondered why the bookstore just now hadn’t turned on the lights as well and why there were paper clips on the magazines.

"Go! We need to go back!" Chen Shi said.

Lin Dongxue didn't know what was going on and followed him back. When he returned to the bookstore, he found that the girl was gone, but the store’s door was still open.

"Where did the person go?"

"She’s blind!" Chen Shi picked up a braille book on the counter. "Magazines of the same thickness on the shelf but with different prices… She used paper clips to distinguish between them. Why did I not think of that?!"

"A blind girl who runs a bookstore by herself?"

There was a staircase at the back of the bookstore. The two walked up the stairs. There weren’t any lights installed in the attic. Chen Shi used his mobile phone to light up the area and saw a bed with a broken guide stick beside the bed.

Chen Shi opened the refrigerator, which had a box of hawthorn berries inside, each individually wrapped in plastic.

"Surely it’s not..." Lin Dongxue said

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