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Although Chen Shi was neither a police officer nor someone in charge of that, he still said, "I will relay your message."

"Thank you so much."

"Which app do you use to chat with others?"

"We can use the same apps that sighted people use. The mobile phone has a screen reading function. Even reading novels is not a problem but I still love to listen to storytelling... By the way, there’s an app recently which allows you to voice chat with others, called xx."

That app was the one that the killer used to look for her prey. Chen Shi asked, "Do a lot of blind people use this?"


"Do the blind have their own social circles?"

"Yes, mainly alumni groups. Everyone graduated from a handicapped school. They gather together during the New Years and special holidays. People segregate themselves into groups. As a police officer, most of the friends you know should be police officers too... Is this your girlfriend?"

"How do you see..." Upon using the word "see", Chen Shi immediately uttered, "I'm sorry!"

"It's okay. I smell her on you, haha."

Lin Dongxue heard the words and buried her face in embarrassment. Chen Shi continued to ask, "Can I ask you a silly question? Do you have something like a sixth sense?"

"Hmm..." The owner pondered without stopping his massage. "If I say yes, you may feel that it is a little hard to believe. For example, if we walk in front of the wall, there will be a sound wave that echoes back to us and we’ll naturally know that there’s an obstacle there. Let me tell you something even more incredible. Some blind people can use echoes to locate things, just using this clicking sound... They can find things by the reflected sound waves. Of course, that would require training. Do you know what blind people are most afraid of?"


"Rainy days."

"It’s difficult to differentiate sounds on rainy days?"

"Yes, it’s especially true with umbrellas. The raindrops drip down umbrellas, creating noise. It’s really hard to gauge directions, so it's easy to get lost. We usually don't go out when it rains... Sir, can you see if it’s going to rain outside?"

"It's okay today, but the weather forecast says it's going to rain in the next few days."

After the massages were over, Chen Shi paid for their services and left. The two visited several other blind women that day. They either worked in massage parlors or were full-time housewives. They didn’t seem suspicious.

After running around the whole day, Lin Dongxue was so tired that she began to doze off in the passenger seat. Chen Shi said, "Sleep for a while. I’ll wake you up later."

Lin Dongxue lowered the back of her seat and fell asleep. Chen Shi drove the car to Longhua Road. He stopped and locked the car, then went straight to the agency, opened the door and went inside to see Sun Zhen playing a game. kk was teaching Tao Yueyue how to steal wallets. He said in both shock and anger, "Why are you here?"

Tao Yueyue w

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