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The three didn’t immediately take him away. Xu Xiaodong held the urge to urinate the entire time. When they cuffed Zheng Zhifei, he quickly looked for a toilet. Little Wang said there was one outside. He went outside to see that there was a simple toilet hut in that field. When Xu Xiaodong went in, he cursed. "Fuck, won’t I fall down this thing?"

In the yard area, Chen Shi pumped up some water using the manual water pump to wash his face and drank a stomach full. The mountain spring water was indeed sweet and clear. He filled up his drink bottle to the brim.

He went back into the house and walked around. The house was extremely barren and filled with the smell of cigarettes. Leftover cup noodles were scattered on the ground. Zheng Zhifei had been watching TV on top of the firepit stove earlier. Chen Shi turned off the TV and noticed that there was something on the stove. It was a girl's hairpin.

He found a newspaper and used it to pick up the hairpin. He discovered blood on it and wrapped it up before keeping it on himself.

After returning from the toilet, Xu Xiaodong said bitterly, "Brother Chen, it's getting late. We should stay here overnight and then hurry on early tomorrow morning.”

"Hurry up. It won't get dark until 8:00 in this season. When we get back to town, we’ll fill our bellies with a big meal.”

When he heard about a big meal, Xu Xiaodong drooled. Little Wang took out a Chinese pastry and ripped it up to share it between them. "Eat this pastry for now!" Chen Shi divided his piece and tried giving it to Zheng Zhifei who was leaning against the courtyard wall. He turned his head away and refused to eat.

On the way back, the sky was getting darker. As they had to bring the suspect along, their speed was obviously slower.

When they arrived at a flat surface near a cliff, Xu Xiaodong was too tired to walk. He sat down and panted. Zheng Zhifei suddenly jumped up and hurled himself towards the cliff. Xu Xiaodong was stunned, but his body couldn't move.

Chen Shi flung himself over and tried to hold him back. However, Zheng Zhifei's falling momentum was too strong, and the two of them fell down together.

"Brother Chen! Brother Chen!"

Xu Xiaodong rushed to the edge of the cliff. When he saw the two people had fallen down on a protrusion on the cliff, he breathed a sigh of relief. However, there was a gap of five meters between him and that area, so he couldn't get down.

Zheng Zhifei fell on the left and Chen Shi sat on the right, saying, "Xiaodong, I hurt my spine and can't move."

"Wait there. Officer Wang and I are going to find a rope to save you."

"Hurry back!"

Xu Xiaodong walked away for five seconds before popping his head back over the cliff. "Brother Chen, I’ll give you my gun to defend yourself.”

"No, no, no. I can protect myself."

Xu Xiaodong gritted his teeth and hurried down the hill with Little Wang.

Chen Shi was sitting on the ground with his hand on his bac

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