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Chen Shi suggested that they go and see where the dregs were dumped and drove along with the truck.

When they got to the temple of the fire god, Lin Dongxue was stunned when she saw the dumping ground. "This is too big, right? It will take several days even if we called the entire second team to come over and dig."

"Don’t dig then. This kind of laborious work should be left to the third team! It doesn't hold much value in finding the corpse anyway. The key is on Mr Li's side of things."

"I don’t mean to splash cold water on you, but are you sure that the killer is an acquaintance?"

"It's an acquaintance. Otherwise, how could they find the victim's house and hang her head on the door?"

"That’s true!"

Xu Xiaodong had been looking down at his phone the whole time. Chen Shi asked, "What are you looking at?"

"Li Mengran's Weibo. Everyone heard that she had an accident and wrote messages of their condolences on her Weibo. I also left a message."

"Let me have a look!" Chen Shi took a look. "Is Li Mengran very popular? How are there over 20,000 followers?"

"Wouldn’t she have bought them? No matter how popular a middle school student is, there wouldn't be so much attention."

Chen Shi glanced over. Li Mengran usually only posted photos of her daily life. Although she lived under the high pressure of taking tests, she still frequently posted some photos of kittens, wildflowers, or things she ate while she was outside.

Chen Shi looked at the posts and asked, "Xiaodong, do you think Li Mengran is a girl who loves to show off everything online?"

"She doesn’t seem like that. Her family has a car and a house, and she wears branded clothes, but she rarely shows these off."

Chen Shi quickly looked at the people who followed Li Mengran. These were not zombie fans. He was wondering why she was famous when Li Mengran hadn’t even posted any particularly compelling content?

Chen Shi said, "I'll talk to Mr. Li again."

Lin Dongxue said, "I’ll head back to the bureau and see what progress has been made, starting from Li Mengran's interpersonal relationships."

"No, investigate Mr. Li’s relationships. The murderer's intentions seem more like they’re taking revenge on him."


Back in the city, the three separated. Chen Shi didn’t immediately go to Li Mengran's house. He walked around the area, drawing lines on a hand-drawn map around him. Judging by these lines, if Li Mengran did intend to spend the night at an Internet cafe, the route she followed would overlap that of the truck carrying the muck.

The entire third team was currently investigating Li Mengran's relationships at school. They heard that Gao Xiang, who had tried to sexually assault Li Mengran, was also invited to the office to "drink tea." Chen Shi’s investigative direction made it seem like he was solo investigating the case. However, years of investigative work gave him a keen intuition. He felt the killer was based near the ne

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