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Volume 26: Pursuit Of The Murderer Within A Dream

On June 29th, Tao Yueyue went to her classmate’s house for a sleepover. Chen Shi seized the opportunity, and as soon as he entered the door with Lin Dongxue, they became fiercely passionate.

The two were kissing on the sofa when Chen Shi suddenly discovered pink woman's panties on the sofa. He cursed mentally and quickly stuffed the panties into his pocket.

When he looked up, he saw kk standing behind the curtains with a lascivious smile, waving at him.

He turned to look at the bedroom, and there was a bespectacled perverted face behind the half-closed door.

Chen Shi suddenly developed an urge to kill and quickly picked Lin Dongxue up. He tapped the bridge of her nose and asked, "Ah, yes, would you like to take a bath first?"

"So, you love cleanliness that much?" Lin Dongxue said shyly.

"No, I forgot to buy the 'necessary supplies' and need to go out for them. I’ll buy dinner while I’m out as well. What do you want to eat?”

"Then I’ll have pizza!"

"Why don’t you have some standards? I'll buy you lychee grilled fish. After you take a shower, you can play with your phone for a while. There are drinks and fruits in the refrigerator."

Lin Dongxue hugged him and said, "Come back soon."

After he had tricked Lin Dongxue into going to the bathroom, Chen Shi immediately went to confront kk and Sun Zhen. He took out the panties, shook them in his hand, and lowered his voice, "Are there any more?"

"Just this one." kk said with a smile.

Chen Shi kicked out the two perverted guys and scolded, "Are you guys trying to get me into trouble? Who let you in?"

"Cool down, cool down. We’re conducting a research project to observe your emergency response... Overall, Brother Chen's resilience is pretty good. Right,Little Worm?" kk laughed.

Chen Shi was so angry that he felt like smoking.

Sun Zhen said, "Did you forget, Brother Chen? We have a team-building activity tonight, so we came and waited for you in the house first."

Chen Shi became frantic. "I said ‘the end of the month’. June 30th. Are you two brainless?"

"I understand today to be the end of the month." Sun Zhen said confidently.

kk said, "Hurry up. Sister Gu has already arrived and she said that there was an important discovery."

Chen Shi sighed, took out his mobile phone and called for takeaway, indicating that it should be delivered an hour later. He said, "I have to come back within an hour."

kk snickered, "Or we wait five minutes here for you. Can Brother Chen last for five minutes?"

"Wanna die?!"

When kk saw that Chen Shi was really angry, he retracted his teasing smile.

The three went to Chen Shi's temporarily rented room. Gu You was reading a document while drinking coffee. After entering the door, kk shouted, "Sister Gu, hurry up. Brother Chen still needs to go back and perform his marital duties with sister-in-law!”

Gu You smiled, "Sorry, I didn't kno

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