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Chen Shi drove Tao Yueyue home. Lin Dongxue woke up when he reached home, rubbing her eyes and saying, "Huh? You also picked up Yueyue in passing?"

"Did you sleep well?"

"I feel more energetic now." Lin Dongxue stretched her neck. "It’s tiring to solve one case after another.”

"Why don’t you have dinner at my house tonight?"

"What useless words. What else were you going to do? Drive me away?"

Going upstairs, Lin Dongxue looked at the door next to theirs and asked, "Miss Gu lives here?"

Chen Shi pointed to the opposite door. "That's her home. You want to visit her?"

"What would I say to her?"

While they were talking, Gu You happened to go upstairs, and greeted Lin, "Officer Lin, I haven't seen you for a long time. Why are you here today?"

"Just eating dinner at Old Chen's house before leaving."

"You haven't been to my house before. Would you like to come in and sit down?" Gu You opened the door and said, "Come in!"

All four of them went in. Tao Yueyue was already familiar with the place. She went to the refrigerator to get a drink by herself. Lin Dongxue looked around the house and said, "Did you buy this place?"

"I bought it less than a year ago."

"Haii, look at us who work as police officers. I’m still renting right now. You’re about the same age as me, but you already have your own home with two rooms and a living room.”

"Officer Lin, I should be older than you."

"Really? I can’t tell at all. Your skin is well maintained."

"You flatter me. Officer Lin should be fond of sports, right?"

Chen Shi thought that women were really strange creatures. Lin Dongxue clearly said before that she didn't like Gu You very much, but the first time she dropped by her home, she actually spoke with Gu You so happily.

Gu You took Lin Dongxue around the house, then politely saw them out the door. As soon as the door closed, Lin Dongxue grabbed Chen Shi's arm and asked, "Do you often come over and chat with this beautiful female neighbor?"

"Are you jealous? Don't you know Gu You is dating Old Peng?"

"Are they? I'll ask him right now!"

Lin Dongxue took out her mobile phone to send a message, then raised her mobile phone and said, "Captain Peng denied it."

"You don't know what Old Peng is like by now?"

"I don't believe it. I’ll ask Yueyue... Yueyue, does Uncle Chen often spend time with Miss Gu?"

Chen Shi was afraid that the little thief would stab him in the back and said, "Only speak the truth. Just like how I’ll take you to eat pizza on the weekend when I promise you pizza. You need to speak the honest truth rather than make up nonsense!”

"You think I can’t read between the lines? You’re openly bribing her!" Lin Dongxue twisted Chen Shi's ear.

Tao Yueyue said, "To be honest, Uncle Chen and Sister Gu rarely interact with each other."

Lin Dongxue still didn't believe it. Chen Shi said, "How about this? I’ll invite you to eat seafood. It’ll definitely taste eve

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