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Zheng Zhifei was silent for a while and tossed a few stones down the cliff. Chen Shi took advantage of the gap in the story and said, "I noticed that you speak like a city person."

"Uncle, do you know what my favorite type of entertainment is?"

"I’m guessing... Watching TV?"

"That's right! When I came to the city, I found a place to work. I waited tables, collected sewage water, and handed out leaflets. I didn't have bad hobbies and didn't spend a lot of money. The only entertainment I had was watching TV. I love watching all kinds of programs. I love watching the life of the people in the city. Everything on TV was better than reality. When I got my first paycheck, I went to find her. I saw her walking with a few girls and eating ice cream, talking about topics that I couldn't understand. I didn't dare come forward to talk to her. I was wearing tattered clothes and stood like a beggar in front of the princess. I didn't have the courage.”

"But, I often followed her and she never even found out. Finally, I gathered my courage and bought clean clothes to knock on the door of her house. When I saw Father Li, I said timidly, 'I'm looking for Li Mengran!’ Father Li answered me coldly, saying she was having a nap before closing the door."

Chen Shi said, "He may have thought of you as her classmate."

Zheng Zhifei shook his head stubbornly. "He just doesn't want to recognize me! It must be like that! I often stood at the bottom of that building and looked up. I thought that such a tall building required countless yuan to build and that it was also the distance between me and her... I spent year after year in the city, and I also had a girlfriend for some time. She was a rural woman like me. She was short-sighted and a woman who was very realistic and annoying. That’s why we broke up.”

"Uncle, maybe you can't feel it. There is an invisible wall in the city that separates us from you. We can only eat boxed lunches in the corner and watch the city’s beauty, but we will never belong there..."

Chen Shi interrupted him and said, "The people in the city are just as indifferent and cold to the other people in the city. The invisible wall you talked about exists everywhere."

Zheng Zhifei continued, "One night, I followed her and saw her walking with a boy. They laughed and joked. Later, the boy suddenly started touching her. I walked over angrily and beat the boy! I said to her, 'Li Mengran, do you remember me?', but she just looked at me in fear and ran away. I didn't believe she didn't remember me and ran outside her house. I heard her crying and her father yelled loudly, ‘You’re not allowed to acquaint yourself with those people!' She said in response, 'I hate him. He took the initiative to find me!' My heart turned cold. I didn’t know how I got downstairs..."

"I think you misunderstood. She was talking about Gao Xiang. That is, the boy who tried having his way with her. She hid from you not because she was afraid of y

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