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Chen Shi pulled out his phone while watching and called Lin Dongxue, "What are you doing right now?"

"I’m still in the bureau. Captain Peng said that the soil samples are the same, but there lots of places in the city with this type of soil. In addition, he found some green paint in Li Mengran’s hair.”

"Don’t check that for now. I'll send you a link. Watch it with Xiaodong and check out where that boy is right now. If you don't want the third team to take all the glory, then don’t let them know about this lead."

"Haha, you’re worried they’ll take credit for our work? They’re mocking you as a consultant and saying your investigation direction is all wrong."

"Let’s see who laughs in the end. Hurry and watch it!"

After a while, Lin Dongxue replied on QQ, "Isn't this a variety show? Are you sure you didn’t send me the wrong link?"

Chen Shi replied, "It’s the correct one!"

Chen Shi vaguely felt like he had found the right clue and he excitedly felt for his cigarettes all over his body. Of course, he couldn’t find any. There were some cigarettes in a can on the coffee table. He had some bad thoughts as he looked at the cigarette tin, but he managed to restrain himself.

He continued to watch the second half of the show. In the second half of the show, Little Fei, a rural child, went to Li Mengran's house. He was frightened by the elevator after using it for the first time. He went into the house to wash his hands. He was very interested in the tap that had hot water coming out of it instantly.

For the effect of the show, Little Fei always called Mr. Li his father during his stay in Li Mengran's house. Mr. Li in the camera also behaved very kindly, taking him to eat pizza, visit the park, and buy new clothes.

When the dream-like city trip was over, Little Fei returned to his hometown. Chen Shi closed the webpage, put down the laptop, and left.

He hurried back to the bureau. Lin Dongxue called him, and Chen Shi went inside with haste. "Don’t rush. I'm here now. Are there any clues?"

"We asked for the TV station's project plan. The child's name is Zheng Zhifei. Then, we asked the police station in his hometown. The police station said that his household registration information has not been changed."

"Maybe he just didn't go to the police station to update it. Do they have a picture of him?"

"No, the village’s police station is poorly equipped."

Xu Xiaodong, who was still watching the show, asked, "Isn't it on the program?"

Chen Shi said helplessly. "Screenshot a picture! Try to make it as clear as possible. Remember how the transportation company said that there was a driver named Little Zheng that night who was 19 years old? The one who didn’t go to work today?"

"Do you think Little Zheng is Zheng Zhifei?"

"We can’t say for sure. He’s passed his driver's license test. Let’s check at the vehicle management office."

The three of them hurried to the vehicle management office. Sure

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