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At 4:00PM, Xu Xiaodong was sitting in the interrogation room. The interrogator was from the third team and asked him, "Xu Xiaodong, how did you know the victim?"

"How did she die? She was still fine last night. If you don’t let me know anything, how can I answer your questions?" Xu Xiaodong was completely confused, but vaguely understood that Li Mengran had been killed.

The interrogator knocked on the table. "You are a police officer. You should know the interrogation process. We can’t tell you the details of the case. You’re the person being questioned right now. Tell us what you know."

"I didn't kill anyone!"

"It's up to us to decide whether you killed or not."

"I really didn’t kill anyone! Bring out the polygraph, I'll show you!"

"Answer the question!"

Xu Xiaodong reluctantly glanced at the one-sided mirror. Li Mengran's death made him very heartbroken, but he had to sit here to verify his innocence. He said, "Last time, in the case regarding a group of scammers, I went undercover as a candidate and met Li Mengran there."

"What gang of scammers?"

"Just ask the local police or ask Brother Chen."

"I'm asking you now!"

"Are you really treating me like a criminal?"

"Spit it out!"

Xu Xiaodong gritted his teeth and had to recount the entire case. The interrogator asked again, "You and the deceased are dating?"

"No, I have a girlfriend and am a policeman. How can I do that kind of stuff? Yesterday, she said that she was beaten by her father and ran away from home. I happened to get off work, so I drove over to find her. I persuaded her to go home and sent her home at around 10:00."

"The surveillance of the deceased's community didn’t show you taking her back at 10:00." In reality, the community’s surveillance camera didn’t capture anything at all due to a system upgrade.

"You can check the surveillance at the parking lot. I took Li Mengran home at about 10:00 and went to pick up the car."

The interrogator picked up the testimony record and said, "But the family of the deceased claimed that the deceased never returned after leaving the house in the afternoon."

"I saw her go upstairs! I swear! At 10:00 in the evening!"

"Right, we don't need you to swear. Have you ever had physical contact with the deceased?"

"What do you mean?" Xu Xiaodong was a little annoyed.

The interrogator took out a report and said, "We found a piece of hair belonging to you in the deceased's hair. How would you explain this?"

"I remembered now. It was too cold yesterday night. I took off my coat and put it on her. Maybe that was when it got on her."

"Sure. I suppose that’s passable.”

"What do you mean it’s passable? This is a fact. Do you think I’m making this up?" Xu Xiaodong shouted.

"Calm down. Aren't we still investigating right now?"

Lin Dongxue and Chen Shi arrived at the bureau and saw Little Li pacing around the corridor. She seemed very anxious. Lin Dongxue comforte

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