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Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue searched the area around the neighborhood, but they couldn’t see any signs of people having climbed over the wall. They also made copies of all the surveillance videos they could find in the surrounding shops.

The two of them drove back to the station after the police had already left. By that time, the preliminary autopsy report had already come out. The victim had a double-edged weapon pierce his aorta and had died of pulmonary embolism. Alcohol was detected in his bloodstream. His blood sugar level showed that he seemingly just had a meal.

In addition, gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, commonly known as "g water", "amnesia water", and "obedient water", was found in the car. It is a psychotropic drug and is often used for date-rape purposes.

A cup of milk tea had been spilled in the car and it contained the same drug components. There was unidentified saliva on the milk tea’s straw. It was suspected that the killer had drunk it. Judging from the concentration and the amount of liquid remaining in the cup, the killer had taken in at least 5 mg of this drug.

Lin Qiupu said, "It seems that the murderer met the victim, but the victim had indecent intentions and put the drug into the drink. That’s why she committed this crime hastily and didn’t put a hawthorn berry in the victim’s mouth.”

Another police officer said, "The victim has a prior record of rape. He must do this sort of thing frequently to have this drug ready in the car.”

"It seems that the killer unintentionally left us many clues. From the guide cane, it does point to her being a blind person... Check for manufacturers and retailers." Lin Qiupu asked Chen Shi who was silent. "What do you make of this?"

"Can ‘amnesia water’ be used as an aphrodisiac?" He asked.

"No, it will only put people in a daze. But from the amount that she ingested, she should still be able to leave the scene of the crime." Peng Sijue answered.

"I was just thinking. If the killer can derive huge benefits from the murders, how did she find out about it? She must have killed someone before, purely by accident or just out of defense. Tomorrow, Dongxue and I will look for old cases and see if there are people that fulfil these conditions."

"I don't agree with you regarding the great benefits that the murders bring, but regarding the killer being blind, I agree that it’s a truth that has been pretty much nailed down." Lin Qiupu said, "I visited the friends of the first three victims. Song Jicheng's buddy said that he was told by Song Jicheng himself that he had gotten acquainted with a blind woman and planned to meet up with her in person. The meeting time was basically the same time as his murder."

"I think she must be quite the looker." Chen Shi said.

"Don’t you have anything constructive to say?"

"One more thing. You don’t need to check with the ophthalmology department anymore. From the killer’s actions, she is a 'veteran' blind person. Such bli

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