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Wang Haitao asked Chen Shi, "Mr. Chen, will you stay?"

Chen Shi smiled. "Mr. Wang, I want to talk to them in private."

Wang Haitao understood, stood up and said, "You guys talk. I'll get something to drink."

Since everyone there was on the same side, Chen Shi could be more relaxed. He asked kk and Sun Zhen, "You two really plan to run this agency?"

kk pretended to speak in a profound manner, "Let's experience a little more while we're young! We’re getting old and bald. They’re precious experiences in life."

Sun Zhen glared at him and said, "I think I can make good use of my strengths but I need to see how much I can earn!"

"How much money can you make by typing code on your computer every day?" kk asked.

"More than you who steals chickens and touches dogs." Sun Zhen retorted.

"Okay, okay!" Chen Shi said, "In fact, I have a plan to use this agency to serve as our temporary base, and the equipment required by the agency can also be used to find Zhou Xiao. You two will stay here, but you have to run the business well. The shares are yours. If you can’t make any profits, you’ll have to put your own money into the business.”

kk handed Chen Shi a glass of juice. "Brother Chen, you’re not joining us?"

"I can't be both a police consultant and run a private detective agency at the same time. But if there are any troublesome cases, I can help out."

"What do you mean by ‘help out’! Brother Chen, you’re so modest." kk put his arm around Chen Shi's shoulder. "You’re our boss! Our backbone!"

"Little thief, you’re so good at brown-nosing." Chen Shi smiled, raised his glass and clinked his in a toast, then looked at Gu You, "Miss Gu, what about you?"

"I have my own business, but just like Brother Chen, when you need my help, I’ll come... We can’t be lazy looking for Zhou Xiao. For every day that we let him run free outside, we’ll have an extra day of danger.”

Sun Zhen asked, "Miss Gu, what kind of bad blood do you have with Zhou Xiao?"

Gu You hesitated. "We’ll talk about it next time!"

Chen Shi proposed, "At the end of this month, we should hold a group bonding activity. We can get together as well as discuss our work!"

kk applauded, "Sounds good. Come, let's have a drink as the four comrades of revolution."

The four clinked their glasses together, and Chen Shi beckoned to Wang Haitao. Wang Haitao sat down and asked, "Have you guys finished discussing?"

"That's right, Mr. Wang, I’ll accept the 80% of the company’s shares even though it’s thick-skinned of me to do so. I’ll let these two brothers of mine run the business!” Chen Shi explained.

kk said with a smile, "Boss Lu, please take care of us!"

"Since you have all decided, so be it. I'll come over and sign a contract with you guys tomorrow."

After the matter was settled, kk and Sun Zhen were very happy and cheered themselves on. Chen Shi thought of something and asked Sun Zhen, "Little Worm, you said you found a mole in t

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