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Lin Dongxue sat down in the car and looked down at her mobile phone. She breathed a sigh of relief. "It’s resolved on my brother’s side. A hostage was shot, but they’re not in danger."

"That's good." Chen Shi kept staring ahead. At this time, they were following the paparazzi's car and had already started driving.

Chen Shi was very careful and the other party never found out. The red car entered a neighborhood one hour later and the two also entered after them. They tailed them until the other party went to a building.

Chen Shi looked at the elevator and saw that it stopped on the 15th floor. Lin Dongxue asked, "Do you want to go up?"

Chen Shi thought. "According to their habits, they will shoot the incident location from the opposite building ... The opposite building will soon have an incident occur. Hurry up and go over!"

The two reached the 15th floor of the opposite building quickly. Chen Shi put his ear on the door of the three units on the east side to eavesdrop on the movement inside. Then, he took out the detector and swept it around the area. They found a slight wireless signal on one of the doors.

Chen Shi whispered, "The eavesdropping device should be installed inside the house. Let’s break in!"

"This... This isn’t in compliance with the standard procedures!"

"It’s an emergency. Did you bring your gun and handcuffs?"

"I did."

Chen Shi took out the lockpicking tools and unlocked it swiftly before pushing the door in. There was no one in the living room. When the two went to the bedroom, they saw a thin, shirtless guy playing with a radio. He looked up and saw the figures from the window’s reflection. He was so scared that he almost jumped up. “Who are you guys?”

Lin Dongxue showed her badge. "Police. We suspect that you illegally possess a gun!"

"Gun?" The guy was shocked.

Chen Shi took the detector and scanned over the radio. The signal was very strong. The guy said, "This is my hobby. It doesn’t break the law, right?"

Chen Shi glanced at the window and said, "We made a mistake. There’s no way to photograph the window of this house. It should be another unit."

"You guys should have figured it out before rushing in. You almost gave me a heart attack." The guy complained.

"Sorry, we’re in the middle of an emergency... By the way, do you have any couples who quarrel a lot, problematic single-parent families, etc. living on your floor? Basically anyone that’s facing big problems."

"I don't know what you're talking about!" The guy replied in a daze.

Lin Dongxue explained, "We are investigating illegal possessions of guns."

"I don’t know what guns you’re talking about, but the room opposite of me is a little weird. It seems that there ais re a man and a woman, or maybe a man and two women because I often hear those kinds of noises in the middle of the night... You know the kind. However, I’ve never seen a woman go out. The man doesn’t seem to have any serious work

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