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Lin Qiupu saw that the woman was too agitated and tried to divert her attention. He asked, "Madam, how can I address you?"

The woman panted but didn’t speak.

"What do you two do for a living?" He asked her husband.

"I'm engaged in sales. She used to be an accountant. She just resigned and planned to get pregnant at home." The husband responded while glancing at the muzzle in fear.

"Madam, I have heard what you said. I want to hear what your husband says as well, okay?"

"He only knows how to lie!" The woman screamed.

"Even in court, you have to let the accused speak. Neither of you should interrupt the other person. Since you just finished talking, let’s give him five minutes to talk, okay?”

The woman didn’t speak, implying agreement. Her husband answered while trembling. "Officer, I’ve really been wronged. I haven’t been cheating. The money was spent with my wife for dinners and the clothes were bought for her. Recently, she’s been a bit forgetful..."

"You’re lying! You’re lying!" The woman screamed. "I've never bought those kinds of clothes. You must have another woman! Say it! Who is it? Is it that fox spirit at your company?!”

Lin Qiupu sighed. This negotiation was too difficult. The other party had completely lost their mind.

The words inside were clearly heard from the outside. Chen Shi said, "Something’s wrong."

"What's wrong?" Lin Dongxue asked.

"The murderer mailed the pistols with a specific goal. He recognized that these people would definitely pick up the gun and kill people. This couple’s problem is definitely not as simple as an affair. There are so many married men cheating, so why did he choose them?"

"It’s clear that you don’t understand women. Cheating impacts women a lot, understood?”

"So much that you need to kill them with a gun?"

"Well, what do you think is so special about this family then?"

"Why did the man keep saying that the money is spent on his wife? A man who cheats has a guilty conscience… Would he say such obvious lies? I’ll go to the neighbors to find out."

"I’ll come with you."

The neighbors gathered downstairs. When they saw the police coming down, they asked about the situation as if there were seven mouths and eight tongues. Chen Shi said, "It's okay, there are no casualties right now. We are currently negotiating with the female owner right now... I want to know more about this family’s situation. Please tell me anything that you may know.”

He learned from the neighbors that the husband's surname was Li and the wife's surname was Han.

"Li xx is a pretty honest person. I think he’s very kind to his wife. He also bought flowers for her on their wedding anniversary... I didn't think that such a man would cheat, haii!"

"I live across from his house. During this time, they would always quarrel in the middle of the night. It seems like it was about this matter.”

"You guys don't know, but this woman is a little neurotic. She oft

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