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Chen Shi glanced at Wang Xingdong from the rearview mirror. "I understand the decisions made for survival."

"Huh, how would you understand?" Wang Xingdong sneered disdainfully.

"Of course I understand. It’s because I’m in the same situation as you are. I want to live so I have to help you, but I will have to pay the price for it as well. People make choices their whole lives and then pay for their choices. If you only look at one snippet of someone’s life, you’d think that the person has a miserable life. However, this is only the price of their choices. They can’t hide away from it…” Chen Shi's eyes showed sadness. He was hesitating whether to talk about it. "I’ll also tell you a secret. I used to have another identity. Unfortunately, because I did something wrong, I’ve been paying off the debt this whole time. I don’t want to die not because I am afraid of death, but because I still have something that I need to do."

"What did you do wrong?" Wang Xingdong was interested.

"Can you keep it secret?"

"I can. In the face of death, someone’s still willing to have a heart to heart with me. I’ll keep it secret for you."

"I killed two policemen."

The atmosphere in the car suddenly fell silent and Wang Xingdong said, "You... You’re Song Lang! Song Lang, who’s been a wanted man and missing for four years!"

"Sure enough, fame is not a good thing." Chen Shi smiled bitterly.

"Hah, it's fate. The two policemen who drew a very short straw are actually sitting together in the same car." Wang Xingdong put down his gun. "Was it true?"

"It seems true to everyone."

"So you were framed?"

"That doesn't matter anymore... These two words are bullets that can kill me. As long as you say them, I won’t be able to stand back up again. Now, do you believe me when I say that I’m trying to help you?"

"Brother, let's eat skewers!"


Chen Shi parked his car at a skewer stall that was still open. The police got out of the car as well. Wang Xingdong whispered, "Sorry" and pointed the gun at Chen Shi's head. The diners who saw this scene were in shock.

Lin Qiupu called out, "It’s an emergency situation. Everyone should leave. I’ll settle the bills.”

The diners stood up and walked away in fear. The stall owner trembled and was prepared to leave as well. Wang Xingdong said, "Stay there. Bring over five lamb kidney skewers, twenty lamb skewers, some random vegetables, and two bottles of beer."

The stall owner questioned Lin Qiupu with his eyes, and Lin Qiupu replied, "Do as he asked."

The stall owner could only start grilling the food and looked as if they were about to cry. Wang Xingdong and Chen Shi sat on a table opposite each other. Wang Xingdong's hand was placed underneath. Chen Shi said, "Don't get too close. His gun is pointing at me from below."

The police stood far away, on guard.

The stall owner brought over edamame beans and the beer. Wang Xingdong signaled Chen Shi to open it. The

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