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While Lin Qiupu was negotiating, Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue had been looking for the red car outside. They didn't expect to actually find it. The car was parked in a corner where it wasn’t noticeable. There was no one in the car when they found it.

Lin Dongxue said, "This group of guys reacted really fast and arrived ahead of the police again."

Chen Shi glanced back. "Even when confronted, they won’t admit that they have a list!"

He blocked the light with his hands and looked into the car. There was a device in the car that was constantly flashing a red light. It looked like it was used for eavesdropping. If this wasn’t used to eavesdrop the police, who would it eavesdrop?

Chen Shi suddenly understood and asked Lin Dongxue to follow him. He returned to his car and picked up a bug detector to bring to the building where the incident was occurring.

At this time, the corridors were full of policemen holding guns and waiting. The family in the house were arguing with each other. Chen Shi made a mute gesture to the officers behind him and went towards the door quietly, holding the detector across the door. The scan showed a suspicious signal in the dried wormwood hanging above the door.

He put on gloves and pulled out a wireless bug from the dried wormwood. He removed the battery. Lin Dongxue was suddenly exclaimed, "So that’s how they got their information!"

"Let’s go. Let's follow them."

The two drove away from the neighborhood and lay in ambush nearby, waiting for the red car to come out. Then, they’d immediately follow them.

Lin Dongxue was a little worried and kept saying, "I wonder what’s happening with my brother."

"Relax, he's fine."

On Lin Qiupu’s side, the three children counted out each other’s faults. The more they quarreled, the fiercer they got. Lin Qiupu’s head swelled up just from hearing them. He interrupted the., “Everyone, everybody. Let’s get back to the topic at hand. I want to ask how this incident started today."

The three looked at each other. The eldest son took the lead in saying, "Isn't it my mother's birthday today? Look, the cake on the ground was ordered by me early in the morning. Then, while eating, something unpleasant..."

The younger sister said, "My eldest brother was going to make an investment, so he was concerned about my mother's demolition funds and mentioned it at the dinner table. That’s why things became like this.”

The eldest son rushed to say, "Don’t frame me. This wasn’t because of me. At least I’m not like some people who secretly encouraged Mom to make a will. The reason I said that today is to take advantage of everyone being in the same place and let you all know my opinions. Second brother wanted to use this money to buy a house and you want to use it to buy photographic equipment. I’m looking to make an investment. I talked to Mom and said that I’d pay her back with interest within three years. Not only would I not give her a penny less, but she

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