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An hour later, the police car arrived in the city center. This street was normally crowded during the holidays, but right now it was even more crowded. Everyone could only park their cars nearby and push away the crowd who just wanted to watch the scene out of curiosity.

Lin Dongxue picked up a bulletproof vest from the car and threw it over to Chen Shi. "Put it on."

Chen Shi was very reluctant. It was like wearing a quilt on a hot day, but he had to obey.

Through the window of the hot pot restaurant, everyone saw terrified guests squatting under tables. A man in a red shirt was sitting on the table in the middle, slowly drinking cold beer and eating mutton in a copper hot pot. He was holding chopsticks in his right hand and the gun in his left.

Lin Qiupu put his gun belt down. "I'll negotiate!"

Chen Shi said, "Since I'm asked to help, if I'm not allowed to go in and negotiate, I'll head back. Who has the patience to wear a bulletproof vest on this hot day getting heat rashes for no reason?"

"You don't understand. The negotiator must have a certain status, otherwise your words are like farts. It won’t be persuasive.”

"That's just a certain strategy. There are many strategies in negotiation. I have my own strategy. Just watch!"

With that said, Chen Shi walked in. Lin Qiupu shouted, "Radio!"

He threw the radio to Chen Shi. Chen Shi took it and tested it. Then, he made an “ok” gesture to Lin Qiupu.

Chen Shi walked into the hot pot restaurant and the air-conditioning blowing at him made him feel very comfortable. Both his body and mind were calmed down. Lin Qiupu heard the sound of "Guru Guru" on the radio and asked, "What are you doing?"

"Drinking a cold beer. It’s so refreshing!"

Lin Qiupu was about to vomit blood. He regretted it a little bit. Did this guy know how to negotiate? How could he act so casual?

The gunman saw Chen Shi and pointed at him with the gun with the intention of not letting him come over. Chen Shi finished drinking the glass of beer, put the glass down, wiped his mouth, and said, "Hello, I’m a negotiation expert. How should I address you?"


"Mr. Ouyang..." Chen Shi looked to the side. A man that looked like the manager was on the ground, moaning while covering his leg. Blood flowed all over the ground. "Since there are so many hostages, I reckon you should let this injured guy go first.”

"I’m not letting him go."

"Let him go, okay? Please."


"Is there a point in that?"

Lin Qiupu outside said helplessly, "This guy doesn’t know how to negotiate at all!"

Chen Shi asked, "Can I sit down?"


"I'm curious. There are gold shops, convenience stores, and tobacco shops on this street. Why did you hijack this hot pot restaurant? Brother, what’s troubling you?"

Ouyang rolled his eyes. "It has nothing to do with you. Get lost!"

Chen Shi walked to the window and Ouyang became alert. "What are you doing?!"

Chen Shi said

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