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The echo of the gunshots filled the car again and Ms. Yuan’s contemptuous sneer could be heard over the phone. "Big Fei, you will pay for your words and deeds today. In fact, I’ve already proposed a divorce long ago, but he’s unwilling to do it. Do you know why? Because he knows that he’s not a rich second generation now. He knows that if he leaves me, no one will support him with his food, drinks, and fun. He relies on my support but he feels like he doesn’t have face. Are you just using this as an excuse to let it all out today?”

Pointing at his mobile phone with the smoking pistol, Brother Fei shouted, "You transferred all the assets so that even if we divorced, I wouldn't get much. You bitch. You sucked the blood of my family dry and now you’re turning your face and not recognizing people? You’re having a happy time playing around every day. What about me? I can only drink and play games at home. I don’t have a sliver of a man’s dignity at all!”

"Big Fei, listen well. A man who has no dignity has nothing to do with his woman. That is his own ‘credit’! Without me, what kind of life do you think you’d be living now? You can go ahead and kill and set fire. That would be even better for me. I can get rid of you that way. When you go to prison, I won’t visit you even once. I’ll just pretend you’re dead!”

Lin Qiupu anxiously said over the radio, "Hang up the phone. This woman is agitating him!"

Chen Shi raised his voice. "Your wife is right. If you can put down the gun now, this matter can be properly resolved. If you really kill someone, the only one who loses the most is yourself... Ms. Yuan, if your husband puts down the gun, could you please hire him the best lawyer? It’s a matter of life and death right now!"

After a long silence on the phone, Ms. Yuan said, "Big Fei, listen to the police and put down the gun. I will find a lawyer for you and help you with bail procedures."

Brother Fei cried and tears streamed down his whole face.

Ms. Yuan said, "Be obedient. I will buy you the car you’ve always wanted. Before you go to jail, I will allow you to go and find a prostitute once."

"I... A man like me... No dignity at all ..."

"Didn't you always want that Maserati? Driving a Maserati and taking a club lady for a ride. How happy!"

Brother Fei knelt down while crying. The gun in his hand fell to the ground and Chen Shi took the opportunity to grab the gun. He said over the radio, “The danger has been lifted!”

There was a burst of laughter over the phone. "Big Fei, you should really go to die!" Then, she hung up.

"You lied to me! You lied to me!" Brother Fei rushed over to grab the phone as if it was his wife. Several young guys stood up immediately, pressed him to the ground, and kicked him with their feet angrily as if venting.

Chen Shi shouted, "Don’t do that! Do you want to go to jail?"

The police then arrested Brother Fei. When he got into the police car, he cried intensely. "I... Living l

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