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While Deputy chief Yan and the gunman were still deadlocked in their negotiating, Old Zhang ran over and whispered to Lin Qiupu, "The security guard said that no gun was found at the beginning, but then a captain came and said they weren’t too sure.

Lin Qiupu nodded. Judging from the situation, it was most likely a fake gun, but the security check was afraid of taking responsibility, so they said they weren’t unclear.

According to the principle of negotiation, fake guns should also be regarded as real guns, just in case. Furthermore, there was still the issue of the mailed guns that they hadn’t resolved yet!

Deputy chief Yan said to the gunman, "Okay, okay. I will ask the police to withdraw first! Little Lin, you withdraw first!" Deputy chief Yan gave Lin Qiupu a knowing look.

Lin Qiupu understood the intentions behind that gaze and pretended to say, "How could we do that? How can not a single officer stay behind?"

"I told you to withdraw, so withdraw. Am I not a policeman?" Deputy chief Yan kept signaling him with his eyes.

Lin Qiupu asked everyone to retreat. They stopped some people after leaving the platform, borrowed their coats, hats, and backpacks from them, and then quietly mixed back into the crowd. At this time, Deputy chief Yan had won the trust of the gunman. The other party wasn’t as agitated as before. Deputy chief Yan said, "Look, it's the peak period for people to go to work. You’re impacting a lot of people here. Why don’t we change to another place to talk?”

"Don't play any tricks!" The gunman yelled fiercely.

"Look at all those people holding their phones. If it’s photographed and posted online, it wouldn’t be good for your reputation. If they’re seen by the higher ups at your work, I am afraid it won’t be a trivial matter. It is better to change places and negotiate the conditions. Is that okay?"

This sentence hit the heart of the gunman. He looked at the mobile phones in the hands of the crowd in fear. "Tell them not to take photos."

Yan Zheng turned around and said, "Don't take photos. Don’t do it. There's nothing to look at here."

The gunman pushed the hostage forward slowly. Deputy chief Yan separated the crowd in front of him for him. He had already noticed the police hiding amongst the crowd, and quietly signaled them with his eyes again. When the gunman walked through the crowd, Lin Qiupu suddenly rushed out and twisted his arm upwards. The other police rushed out, pulled the hostage away, and controlled the gunman.

The gunman yelled, "You lied to me!"

Deputy chief Yan said earnestly, "I needed to consider everyone's safety. I hope you understand."

"You lied to me! You lied to me! You lied to me!" The gunman was struggling hysterically before finally getting his hands cuffed.

Lin Qiupu, who snatched the gun, knew that it wasn’t a real gun judging by the weight alone. He handed it over to Deputy chief Yan. Deputy chief Yan touched it and said, "Little Lin, you

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