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The woman stared at Lin Qiupu and said, "If you let me find her, I will kill that bitch along with him."

Lin Qiupu said to the man, "Can you take out your phone and let me check it?"

Chen Shi said over on the radio, "Are you crazy? If you really find something, this man's life is over... Why not use my method?"

"Shut up!"

Although the man was nervous, he still agreed. He handed over his phone and Lin Qiupu scrolled through it. He saw a picture of dinner outside and showed it to the man. “Where and when was this taken?”

"A Sichuan hot pot restaurant just outside the community. Honey, we went together. Do you remember?"

"I don’t!"

Lin Qiupu found another photo where they were together and asked the man, "When was this photo taken?"

"Our wedding anniversary!"

Lin Qiupu asked the woman, "Do you remember this?"

The woman looked confused. "Why don't I remember this picture..."

"I bought you flowers that day. We went out for dinner and we took this photo under the tower on the way back. Can't you remember?"

"Shut up!"

Chen Shi outside was surprised. This move actually worked. Lin Qiupu actually had some brains to him.

Lin Qiupu also had some reservations in looking at the photos. His finger was always placed at the bottom of the screen. If he saw an unfavorable photo, he would immediately delete it, but fortunately, there was no such photo so far.

Then, a picture of a woman wearing erotic lingerie appeared. He was very excited. This should be the decisive evidence. He showed it to the woman, "Do you remember this?"

The woman was shocked. She covered her head with her left hand and her body shook. Suddenly, her voice and tone changed, and said sweetly, "Hubby!"

The husband was overjoyed. "Wife, quickly put the gun down."

"Gun, what gun?" She looked down and yelped, "Huh?" She took a few steps back. Lin Qiupu almost rushed over to grab the gun, but he held back.

He said, "It seems that you’ve realized. In fact, you have dissociative identity disorder. The so-called other person in the affair doesn’t exist. If we have to say there is one, then it would be yourself."

"Multiple personalities..." The husband said in shock. "I thought my wife just had a bad memory."

The woman stared at Lin Qiupu with wide eyes. Lin Qiupu said, "Hurry up and put down the gun. Things have passed now. Rest assured, no one will arrest you."

"I... I cheated with my husband? I cheated with my husband? I cheated with my husband?!" As she said this, the woman's original tone changed back. She suddenly slapped herself and shouted in the original tone, "Bitch, I’ll kill you!"

The other personality said, "You’re not feminine at all and so unreasonable. Of course your husband doesn't like you anymore."

The woman yelled, "You still shouldn’t seduce my husband! If you want such a man, marry one yourself. You fish-stealing cat! Slut! Bitch!"

The other personality cackled. "It’s because you’r

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