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Volume 30: Ghost Gun

On July 26th, Chen Shi arrived at the bureau early in the morning. A few days had passed since the gun mailing case. The last gun with a silencer was still missing. The task force was temporarily disbanded. The work that had accumulated before was piled up like mountains. The police who were working non-stop the past few days all envied Chen Shi who didn’t have to do anything once the case was over.

Chen Shi went to Lin Qiupu's office and asked, "Did you check what I’ve asked you to check?"

Lin Qiupu, who was on the phone, made a gesture to indicate that Chen Shi should wait. After ending the call with a few simple sentences, he crossed his arms. "You’re getting more and more arrogant. Do you know how busy I have been these two days?"

"Who cares about that? Did you check it or not?"

"I have. Zhou Tiannan's private assets haven’t increased. Ji Xingyao isn’t in the city anymore. The interrogation will be carried out by the public security bureaus of the other cities. I read the fax sent over in the morning. She didn't know the background details of the person she hired, and she isn’t clear what they look like either. The two parties made the transaction in a dark alley."

Chen Shi was disappointed. In fact, he had already expected this result. If Zhou Tiannan wasn’t cautious, his identity would have been exposed long ago.

It seems that it would be a long journey before they could arrest him and his people and bring them to justice.

Chen Shi turned to leave, and Lin Qiupu asked, "Where are you going?"

"Going home to rest. I’ve been exhausted over the past two days and I’m both physically and mentally drained right now.”

"You should help me with some of the work. When we were tracing the missing guns, there were several more murders in the city. You must be interested in them."

"No. Let me rest on such a hot day!"

When Chen Shi turned around and left, Lin Qiupu received another call. He suddenly stood up and chased after him. "Hey, stop there. There’s been a shooting!"

Chen Shi turned around in surprise. Has the last gun appeared?!

Lin Qiupu didn’t have a lot of staff available at the moment, so he asked Chen Shi, Lin Dongxue, Xu Xiaodong and Peng Sijue to go over together. The crime had occurred in a high-end residential area. In the morning, an old man who was doing his morning exercises found that a household had left their lights on. When he looked inside, a man was laying in a pool of blood. He frantically ran to his local police station who then called it in.

Seeing the criminal police show up, the local police officers who were at the scene breathed a sigh of relief. They could finally hand over the case. Chen Shi asked, "What is the identity of the deceased?"

"I just checked the ID card with the station. This man is called Song Yuwen. He’s 30 years old and a local. His occupation is a dentist and his family background should be pretty decent..." The police l

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