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Chen Shi raised his hands, indicating that he was not a threat. He kept staring at the man's eyes with a smile, seeming to be very calm.

The man flicked his pistol to the side. "Give him the cigarettes."

Chen Shi handed over the cigarettes to a male employee. The male employee trembled slightly as he helped the gunman. Due to his trembling hands, he couldn’t light the cigarette up for a long time. The gunman was getting annoyed and slapped the employee’s head. The employee immediately started bleeding.

Then, the gunman snatched the lighter to light the cigarette himself. Once he was done, he exhaled in delight.

Chen Shi looked at the injured employee before asking the man, "How should I address you?"

"Call me Brother Fei!"

"Brother Fei, you don't seem to be from this company. Why did you hijack this bus? Do you have any requirements?"

"Take a guess!"

"Give me a hint!"

"Drive first."

"Do you mean you want the driver to drive?!” Chen Shi repeated, making sure that Lin Qiupu could hear clearly over the radio.

Lin Qiupu said, "The bus must never be driven. There’s a motorway nearby and it’ll be really troublesome if he were to get out of here."

Chen Shi smiled. "There’s a motorway over there in front of you. You have a gun in your hand. If the driver gets nervous and causes a traffic accident, everyone here will die!"

"You drive!"

"I don’t know how to drive."

"Get the police outside to get lost!" Brother Fei shouted loudly.

Chen Shi said to the radio, "Everyone back away. Back ten meters away."

The policemen began to retreat and Brother Fei looked at the scene outside the window. He believed that the negotiating expert wielded true power. He said, "Didn’t you want a hint earlier? I’ll give you one now. The president of this company is my wife!”

"Really?" Chen Shi looked around. Almost all of them were young guys. Several of them looked pretty good. "Do you think your wife is giving you a green hat to wear?"

Brother Fei smiled. "It's not that I think that way. It's a fact!"

"Who is that little three... I have a suggestion. You should take him as a hostage and let the others go. There’s no need to involve all the people in a company for this kind of thing, don’t you think?"

Lin Qiupu said over on the radio, "What nonsense are you talking about?!"

Chen Shi pointed to the back. "Look how blocked the traffic is outside. The weather is so hot. You should also consider the other drivers! I can tell that you’re not an impulsive type of person. Please consider my opinion."

Brother Fei sneered and then pointed out several employees. "Him, him, him, him... They are all little threes! I can't even fucking count how many green hats are on my head. I’ve long since become a massive field over here...” Then, he kicked an employee’s seat from the back. “Stand up and talk about how your boss hired you!”

The employee who got picked stood up trembling. "At the second round

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