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The third team recovered another gun and there were five remaining from the final goal. The day ended just like this

At noon the next day, the bureau received a call saying that gunshots and cries for help were heard in a certain neighborhood. The second team rushed to the scene immediately. The building was surrounded by a circle of residents, one of whom was covered in blood at his temples.

Lin Qiupu stepped forward and said, "What's wrong? Have you been shot?"

"No, no, I was so anxious when I went downstairs that I fell."

"What's happening inside?"

"Daughter-in-law, do you know?"

A woman next to him said, "It seems that the family in 314 is celebrating the birthday of their old mother. I don't know why, there was suddenly a quarrel in the middle of it. After some clings and clangs, there was a loud bang and the youngest daughter shouted that there was a murder through the window.”

"Does this family often quarrel?"

"They do. This house belongs to the old lady. They have three rooms and two living rooms. It’s said that her three children have been kicking the old lady around like a ball and no one wants to take care of her. One time, the old lady fell while going upstairs. I called the three children but they refused to come. It was the neighbors who sent her to the hospital. The old lady lives alone. It’s hard for her to buy food every day and climb upstairs. We felt a chill just looking at it. Just recently, I heard that the old house was about to be demolished and the old lady can get more than two million yuan in compensation. The attitude of the three children changed greatly. They often buy things to visit their old mother... This is the 70th birthday of the old lady today. They all came. I don’t know what happened halfway, but they began quarrelling."

Lin Qiupu said to Chen Shi, "Leave it to me this time!"

When he was ready, he went to the door of the house. There were the cries of women and children in the room, as well as the sound of cracking and burning. Lin Qiupu could also smell a bloody scent coming out from the cracks of the door.

He said over the radio, "Old Zhang, tell the SWAT team to come and stand by!"

Then, he knocked on the door and said, "I am a police negotiator. Can I come in?"

There was a voice inside saying, "Mom, the police are here. Let the police come in. If you don't let them in, they will force their way in."

Listening to this tone, it seemed that the gunman was the old lady herself.

After some coughing, the old lady said, "No one is allowed to come in. This is our family affair."

The children cried even harder. Lin Qiupu continued to knock on the door, "Old lady Wei, are those your grandchildren inside? This is a matter between adults. Don’t involve innocent children. Let the children come out first!"

After a moment of silence, the old lady said, "Fengfeng, you go out with the police uncle first."

"Grandma, please don't kill my dad."


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