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After the incident was resolved, everyone huddled around and praised Chen Shi. Chen Shi said a few humble words. "It's noon. Let's eat hot pot. I got quite hungry from watching him eat."

Lin Qiupu said, "It is too early to be happy now. There are still nine guns left outside! Let’s go back and stand by."

Standing in front of the gun just then, it was impossible to say that he wasn’t nervous. Chen Shi said, "Whether the case is solved or not, you still need to eat. Let’s go, let’s go. Hot pot buffet. My treat!”

When they found a buffet hot pot restaurant, Chen Shi chugged a large glass of an ice cold beverage down. Lin Dongxue said, "Won’t you lose out like that? You’ll be half-full from the drink alone."

"Negotiating is way too exhilarating.”

"Who told you to do it then? Just get my brother to do it."

"But it's quite interesting. I seem to have found a way."

Chen Shi smiled. "Let’s eat!"

The meal was very enjoyable and there were no police reports that interrupted them as they ate. Chen Shi figured that he didn’t treat them to a meal for nothing since they were able to have an enjoyable meal.

Immediately after eating, Lin Qiupu received a phone call. He walked over and said, "We just received a report from the bureau. It seems that someone has committed a robbery with a gun in the past few days."

"Was anyone killed?" Chen Shi asked.

"No, the other party just pointed at the victim's waist with the gun in a secluded place late at night. They stole their phones, wallets and other items, but they didn’t hurt anyone. There are already two victims. The third team is currently investigating this case.

Lin Dongxue said, "The person who sent the pistols has caused untold amounts of trouble. These people were originally just ordinary people, like today's uncle. He originally didn't have to go to jail, but because he had a gun, he did such an impulsive thing."

"There's a saying that when you’re armed with sharp weapons, killing intent is formed. Guns are good things. You can kill someone with a light trigger," Chen Shi said, "But this incident also has its positive side."

"What? There’s a positive side?"

"Yes! These people already had the target they wanted to kill, but they didn’t have the means to. The appearance of the guns sped up their actions. If there was no such incident, they may have taken other actions in the future. Take the uncle today. He said that he wanted to retaliate against the owner of the restaurant, but he was unable to do so. Maybe he would take actions such as poisoning in the future."

Lin Qiupu heard him and understood. "You mean to say that the incident this time just compresses a dozen or more vicious events that could happen in the future together in a different way."

"Yes, it’s like minesweeping. Some unstable factors have been eliminated."

Lin Dongxue said, "Regardless, the appearance of guns still hurts people. If everyone has a gun, I think the crime ra

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