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At about nine o'clock, most of the officers had already left and the criminal police department was deserted. Xu Xiaodong looked at the documents faxed over from the public security offices around the whole of China and said, "How nice. We’re the only ones left here. If we have any police reports come through today, it’ll definitely find its way to us.”

Lin Dongxue said, "Don’t worry about those. We should only check our own."

Chen Shi bought some food and beverages before coming back. "How’s it going?"

Xu Xiaodong read the faxed file in his hand. "In the file sent by xx police, a girl disappeared in xx in 2005. There was a call record between the missing girl and Luo Zuyu. But the investigation was suspended due to insufficient evidence."

Lin Dongxue read, "In 2007, a girl’s corpse was burned in the suburbs of xx City. The police found that she had booked a hotel room with Luo Zuyu before her death, but the hotel's surveillance footage was wiped out by someone, and the case fizzled out after that."

Xu Xiaodong read another one. "In 2010 in xx, a girl’s corpse was thrown into the sewers. Similarly, Luo Zuyu was an important suspect at the time, but at the critical moment, he produced an alibi and was released."

Chen Shi reasoned, "One time might be a coincidence, but a few times indicate premeditatedmurder."

"Is there a pattern to his murders?" Lin Dongxue asked.

Chen Shi shook his head. "This should be discussed later. I need you to investigate the identity of the deceased."

"This... How do we investigate this?"

"The deceased should be a fan. Since Luo Zuyu can contact her, it means that she’s not just an ordinary fan. She should have participated in fan activities like welcoming him at the airport or train station and so on. You can go to the local fan support group to try to find out... Remember her characteristics are that she’s 24 years-old, 167 in height, with size 34 shoes. As for her looks…"

Chen Shi grabbed the faxed documents in their hands. There were several photos of the missing and deceased girls on them. Chen Shi laid out all these photos on the table. "Luo Zuyu likes this type. Follow this feeling to investigate!"

Xu Xiaodong mumbled, "Upon a closer look, these girls all have very large eyes and slightly protruding foreheads."

Chen Shi said, "Close the door when you leave. I don't want to be disturbed."

Xu Xiaodong saluted, "Yes, sir!"

After the two left, Chen Shi turned on the computer and searched for "Luo Zuyu" and "interview". He put on headphones and began to go through his interview records.

Lin Dongxue found the Luo Zuyu Fan Support Group in Long'an City by phone. The group leader said that there was indeed a person named Ling Shuangshuang who matched those characteristics. The group leader remembered that she had handed over the flowers to Luo Zuyu on the day that they welcomed him at the airport.

After that, Lin Dongxue and Xu Xiaodong went to Ling Shua

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