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When they saw this unexpected situation, the staff member who had came up with Chen Shi also quickly stepped forward to apologize. Chen Shi put on rubber gloves, rushed over and said, "I'm sorry, sir. I can take the vase for you!"

The fat man was still arguing with the staff member with a face flushed with anger. Thinking that Chen Shi was also a hotel employee, he handed the vase over to him.

Chen Shi sniffed and looked into the vase. It was indeed vomit, but there wasn’t a smell of alcohol in it. He glanced into the man’s room.

Chen Shi pulled out a plastic bag and dumped all the vomit in it. The staff started, "Sir, you are-"

"Is it against the rules?"

"No... It’s not against the rules, but let the cleaner do the cleaning!"

"Since it’s not against the rules, then I’ll take it back with me. You don't have to follow us around. We’ll go directly to the room. You should deal with the things here!"

Lin Dongxue whispered to him, "Why did you take such a disgusting thing?"

"You must pay attention to abnormal things. This is common sense. The vase was originally placed next to the bathroom. Why didn't the last guest vomit in the bathroom, but vomited outside?

"There was something in the bathroom!" Lin Dongxue suddenly realized.

Chen Shi nodded with gratification. "Your thinking is nimble now, huh?"

"No, I’m nowhere as good as you. You realized it in a flash just now."

When they got to the room, the five-thousand-yuan-a-day room was really comfortable and luxurious. Although it was just for investigating the case, the thought of being able to stay here with Chen Shi that night made Lin Dongxue very happy. She was about to insert the electronic access card to activate the lights when Chen Shi stopped her.

He pulled out his phone, turned on the video camera, and swept the room. Lin Dongxue asked, "What are you doing?"

"Checking if there are any spy cams."

"You have a strong security consciousness. Do you often stay in hotels?"

"Haha, you think too much."

The room was very clean, which disappointed Chen Shi. He would rather that there was a spy cam installed there. There might have been unexpected evidence.

After inserting the electronic card, the air conditioner, lights, TV, smart toilet, and water heater in the room came on together, humming. Lin Dongxue threw herself onto the bed to feel the softness of the mattress. The TV cabinet was opposite the bed so they could lie down comfortably and watch TV.

Opening the window, you could have a panoramic view of a wide expanse of the city below. It was an awe-inspiring view from high above. There were no other high-rises opposite. You could do anything you wanted by the window... When Lin Dongxue thought of this, she blushed.

Chen Shi was on the phone. The first phone call was to Sun Zhen and the second phone call was to Peng Sijue. After the calls, he said, "Come out with me."

When they got out to the corridor, the fat man h

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