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Volume 29: Armed With Weapons

On the night of July 16th, a van full of cargo was driving on the highway in the suburbs. Two people in the car were holding cigarette butts and staring nervously at the road illuminated by the lights. Occasionally, they said one or two words to break the silence.

"Have the people over at the pier arrived yet? You should call them!"

"Ah, how many times have we called? Don't worry, there won’t be any problems. Just get ready to count the money when the goods are delivered!”

"I'm still a little worried."

"What are you worrying about? We’ve passed through several toll booths safely. If the police are targeting us, they would have long since taken action.”

"I hope so!"

"Can’t you stop with all the negative words all the time? It's really unlucky... Pei, pei, pei!"

The driver's cell phone rang. When answering the phone, the body of the car started trembling. The two heard a loud bang. It seemed that the tires had burst and the four tires had burst together.

Then, a bright light came from the field ahead and the two screamed. An ambush!

The van with the flat tires couldn’t move at all as the off-road vehicle ahead of them came rushing over violently, running into them and knocking over their van. They rolled over a few times in the field and when they stopped, the body of the car had already been seriously deformed. The two people inside were knocked unconscious with their heads covered in blood.

Two people jumped out of the off-road vehicle and one of the big men stepped forward, reaching into the car window. He cut their throats skillfully and they stopped breathing with their last gasp.

The other person was wearing gloves and began to search through the scattered goods. There were mandarins in the boxes, but under each box were pistols wrapped in baking paper. There were a total of sixteen guns.

These smuggled guns that were worth a million yuan were casually packed into a big black bag. The man with the guns then whistled to signal his companion to get in the car.

After getting in the car, the throat-cutter asked, "I still don't understand. Why do such a thing?"

"We’re fulfilling orders to get money. Are you unhappy with having money?"

"Do you dare to spend it though? The police are already targeting you." The companion sneered. "You’re getting really cowardly now. You only take on risk-free work. When will we find the police to settle the score?!"

"Haha, are you still thinking about this?" He patted his companion's shoulder. "What's the point of a game without an opponent? We’re able to get where we are because we’re cautious."

"I want to kill someone! I want to commit a crime alone and leave down my name in history instead of wearing the fictional name ‘Zhou Xiao’." The companion rubbed the blade in his fingers.

"Don’t rush. When the time is right, I’ll let you go out and make a big commotion... And this experiment is what I wanted to do lo

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